I got the Cheesy Chicken Cutlet w/ Spaghetti, for $9.50. The portions were huge, the chicken was thick and juicy and crispy and really cheesy. The spaghetti was average and everything was really filling. Make sure to make a reservation before coming down especially during peak hours!

So much cheaper, so much better with so many more flavours than the ones we have in Singapore!🙊

Saw the queue at the basement of ION Orchard & it's pretty crazy. Really wonder if the hype is worth it! Too bad I won't be able to get my hands on it but let me know if it is really that good!😁

• What's your life purpose? •

It got me thinking. What exactly am I living for? Do I even have any purpose in life? Or am I even working towards any goals in life? To tell the truth, I came out with nothing. Yes, NOTHING!
I thought for a few days. I realised what I exactly want my life to be. I do not have to be rich. I just hope to find a partner who is willing to go through the ups & downs with me. Someone that I can build a simple family with that will be filled with love & laughter. Lastly, someone that will see the world with me.😌 So what's your life your purpose?

Perfect for a nice cooling weather but too bad, they do not have it here. Can't wait to be back in Singapore!