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From the Burpple community

Hadn't returned for the hot food selection for a while but it seems that the menu had since expanded quite a bit since then. A pretty comforting option on the menu, I liked how the rice comes glistening with just enough oil; helps to enhance the textures without feeling overly greasy. The fried rice was also carried just enough saltishness and a slight wok hei; thought they could be more even with salt distribution but its not too bothersome overall; also comes with bits of ham for a bite. Pork Chop was decent, does not require too much effort to chew whilst also not carrying a porky stench; pretty savoury as well. Liked how they served a portion of cabbage by the side that helps carry a crunch, and cut through the heaviness of the carbs and meat. Not the best rendition of this around, but its decent value at $7 for its portion; all in air-conditioned comfort in a specialty coffee joint.


ζ²™ζžθΆŠεΉ²ζžι’ Sarawak Kolo Mee