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From the Burpple community

Located at the base of Clifton Hill, this is the perfect place to drop by for an ice cream, coffee or souvenirs after going to Niagara Falls. Cones are chargeable at an additional CAD1.25, but it’s so thoughtful that they include a cone holder for you that prevents the ice cream from melting on your hand.

To be honest, their main selling point isn’t their soft serve ice creams which didn’t have much vanilla or chocolate taste, and were a little too soft. What’s really interesting about Sweet Jesus is the variety of toppings available. The Hella Nutella comes with a mixed soft serve coated with Nutella, pistachios, hazelnuts and cornflakes. Which makes for a nutty and crunchy treat. I liked this topping combination, and was also intrigued to try the other flavours such as the brownie or cheesecake.

The ice creams come in two sizes, regular and kids. Unless you have a real sweet tooth or want to share, go for the kids size because regular is huge.