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Lemak But Not Jelak Got to taste this thanks to Coreen from Village Hotel Changi! A bit too far from where my place is but definitely a must-go in the area 😊. In the pic is their nasi lemak A (Fried 🐓, 🍳 and anchovies for $3.50) with begedil and beef rendang. Verdict: Wings are crispy but can be better seasoned, the begedil ( a local version of croquette) was to die for and the rendang reminds me of a good beef stew ( odd right, but damn syiok 😂). The rest of the components are good too but I would say the freshly fried begedil ($0.50 each) and beef rendang ($2.50 for a huge chunk) stole the show while the rest did well as supporting characters.
Nasi Lemak Set A ($3.50 nett) Topped up 50 cents for fried kentang which was my childhood comfort snack. I wouldn't say the dish was super fantastic. The rice was quite fragrant and fluffy. Chicken was freshly fried and crispy though a tad too salty. Fried egg was overdone and rubbery. It was value for money but not worth queuing for if the wait is more than 15mins I feel.
Wen Miin
At just $3.50, this has got to be one of the more affordable and worthwhile nasi lemaks despite its long queue during peak hours. Fragrant coconut rice with crispy ikan bilis, sambal chilli and a well marinated chicken wing brings back so much memories during my camping days or day-trips to Ubin whereby it will be a usual stopover to grab food here before taking the ferry into the island. Address: 2, Changi Village Road, Unit: 01-26, Changi Village Food Centre, Singapore 500002
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