Hotpot/steamboat YES PLSSSS🤩
Joslyn 🩵
Joslyn 🩵

Went to Hippot two weeks ago and ordered their collagen and mala soup, meat platter, some vegetables, and some drinks! Total bill was about $95 for 3 pax😇

Overall ratings 8/10! I like their free dessert bar with 9 chinese desserts available, and their soups were fragrant!😁 Would head back again to try other soups and dishes


Went to Shabu Sai last weekend and tried their tomato soup with tonkotsu soup🤪 Ordered the normal buffet with add on drinks and bill came out to be $60/2pax!😄

Overall ratings 6/10! Tomato soup was on the sweeter side but its quite diluted. Same goes for tonkotsu... maybe the soup quality deproved from the last time I ate this but would not head back again🤧

Went to BITP last week and ordered an array of dishes from Wagyu Beef, Vegetables, Meatballs, Dumpling and more. Soup base ordered was Collagen, Drunken Chicken, Tomato and Spicy Pork Bone!😇 Spent about $330/5 pax after gst and svc charge (but had dabao-ed some back as we had quite a lot of food leftover)😅

Overall ratings 9/10!! Huge BITP fan as I love all 4 soups and high quality food😁 Service was good and I love Jewel vibes. Price is definitely a little steep but splurging for a good family occasion is worth it in my opinion🤣 Would definitely visit again!

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Went to Xun Wei for dinner about two weeks ago and im pleasantly surprised! Food was pretty good, lots of selection with appetisers included, and came out to about $33.75/pax after GST!😇 If you're looking to pig out for a hearty hotpot meal, I defo reco this restaurant!!🤤 Overall ratings 8.5/10 hehe🤪

Went to HDL at 313 and was feasting with friends omg... A fan of HDL for their soups and mala is a must🤣 Service at 313 was not as good as other outlets but its fine, still had a great time there!

Overall ratings 8/10! Still love HDL but still find it pricey😭 Would definitely head back again tho!

Always a great time at shilifang with affordable food and good soup!!😇 Budget friendly!! Got the superior marbled pork set, pork and chicken set and added a marinated chicken!! Iirc spent about $20 each for 2 pax!!👍🏻💯

Went to try the 4 tier pagoda steamboat today☺️
Options were plenty with different seasonings of meat such as tomyum, barbeque, korean fusion, extra spicy etc. There were also seafood items such as bamboo clams, lala, mussels, sotong, prawn and fish!

There were many other ingredients too(which you can check out their menu), alongside drinks and icecream! Had a great feast😋

The good thing about this place is theres no time limit, thus my friends and I ate for 2.5 hrs haha insane😜

2 soup bases and 1 dip could be selected. We chose the pork bone broth and the tomyum soup. I personally wouldnt recommend the pork bone broth as it didnt suit my tastebuds(not that im picky, it just tasted a little weird). The tomyum soup was not bad tho!

Overall the buffet was an 7/10 for me as there are plenty of options, but for the price of $22++ before gst during weekday lunch, its a lil steep but a great 4 tier steamboat experience☺️💯👍🏻


Been here a few times for the $9.90 set meal and it was great🤤 HAHA this is a cheaper alternative to the ever so famous haidilao😫

Sadly theres no set meals for dinner but theres a 50% offer for meat and seafood items😍💯

Do try the ravishing tomato soup if youre heading down to eat as the soup is one of my favs😂

Overall paid $55 for all the food in the picture and its shared by 3 people!! Id say its quite affordable, about $20 per pax for dinner, depending on what u order☺️

Overall ratings is a 8/10 for affordability, convenience(a few outlets throughout sg) and staff service👍🏻


Is it really possible for a steamboat to be less than $15?!😱 Well, this bbq and steamboat for lunch is $10++ for students and $13++ for adults , for dinner it would be slightly more ex at about $18++?? It is sooo affordable and since its a buffet , you can take whatever u want☺️

What caught my attention is the crystal pot used for the steamboat😍😍 Only a 5m walk from Chinatown mrt!! Recommended for steamboat lovers that wants a cheaper steamboat alternative☺️👍🏻


Using Burpple as my food diary🤣

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