(IMO) cafes to avoid

(IMO) cafes to avoid

when the input ≠ output 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

main 1: white wine prawn $24
rating: 8/10
comments: the prawns WOW! spaghetti nth special but good dish overall

main 2: smoke salmon savory waffle $24
ratings: 8/10
comments: the waffles were a mixture of soft & crispy, w the fresh salmon & omg the fresh vege tasted so good!

drink: ice matcha latte $8.50
rating: 0/10
comments: sry but PLS pass the matcha latte, i dun even need to describe further just look @ the color 😐 it’s a no for me

dessert: churros ice cream $12
rating: 6/10
comments: churros tasted alright with vanilla ice cream but nth special, can compare to those u get from pasar malam that kind + not served in the big cup they advertised so doesn’t look that appealing

overall: ambience & vibe is 8/10, but rather $$$ (damage was like 📈📈📈) so im only coming back when i feel rich again


main 1: truffle carbonara
rating: 6/10
comments: mushrooms were superb thats it 🥲 not much carbonara sauce so cries it was underwhelming

main 2: b supreme plus
rating: 8/10 but gon -1 for the unbalanced portion 😮‍💨
comments: SUPER good patty! again, mushrooms were superb. would’ve been better if the egg yolk could flow out tho hurhur

drink 1: chrysan tea
rating: 2/10
comments: taste like the sweet bottle your doctor would prescribe you when you’re having a cough 🥴

drink 2: blue pea
rating: 5/10
comments: drinkable but nothing special, just stick to water ig 😬

overview: staff were v friendly & good vibes! pretty value for money (with the deal)! defo would come back & try other meals again! 😃


🚨 warning: it’s a scam 🚨

drink 1: kyoto latte
rating: 6/10
comments: drinkable, coffee was alright but meh 😐

drink 2: matcha latte
rating: 1/10
comments: too milky, couldn’t taste the matcha 👎🏼

total damage: $18.60
overview: first & last time buying drinks from here 💀


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