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The Pastel Teh-O
The Pastel Teh-O

The crumble has a beautifully sweet and sour apple filling. Well balanced and perfectly cooked with a crunchy crumb. Home-baked with raspberry puree.

Pet-friendly cafe that offers contemporary fusion food

This cafe was open not too long ago and have an all-day brunch concept. Look at its cozy, spacious and chill interiors.

The burger comprise of 2 brioche bun and had the option of either crispy chicken thigh or waygu patty. We picked the chicken thigh and it was very crispy and did you see the dripping melted cheddar. Also comes with grilled pineapple and sautéed wild mushrooms. Not forgeting the truffle fries 🍟

Cozy & Relaxing Taiwanese Bistro

Definitely a place to visit if you miss Taiwan🇹🇼. The nostalgic Jay Chou songs in the background playlist brings back memories.

The Lu Rou Fan/Braised Pork Rice is a staple that comes with fragant and fluffy rice and savoury pork that is not too fatty, paired with a 卤蛋.

Salted chicken
The Taiwanese version of fried chicken bites as a snack, coated with sale and pepper. Meat was tender and juicy.

Yuzu Aiyu Green Tea
This combi of Yuzu and Aiyu was not too uncommon and was indeed very refreshing and soothing. Aiyu jelly provides sweetness that balance the yuzu tangy sour taste.

Smooth and comforting choice, filled with generous slices of big intestines cooked till soft and sizable oysters. Add vinegar and the chili sauce that fits the Singaporean tastebud and it will be more flavourful.

🍔Fried Beef Rendang Burger
USDA beef short ribs, homemade brioche bun, fried egg, keropok, pickled cucumber
The fried brioche bun was buttery with a beautiful golden crust. Like it that the sauce was put separately and can be dipped to one's liking. Sedap 👍

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🍗Korean Fried Chicken
Korean chili paste, sesame seeds, chives
A rare find for the cafe sells Korean FC! Although it is term as a SIDE, we ate it like a MAIN 😂 tasty and not very spicy and kinda addictive. If you are craving for some Korean Fried Chicken, remember to check this out!

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The flavour is not too strong but definitely nutty. Texture is smooth with every sip.
New gorgeous looking cafe with pink walls and big round windows are hard to miss. This cafe sells artisanal bakes, gelato with waffles and beverages.

This is for the adventurous folks. Kimchi, when paired with cheese, the flavour of the kimchi will mellow out a bit, balance each other beautifully and result in flavour explosion.

This cake straightaway became my favourite! A refreshing alternative - the raspberry perfected well with lychee and Rose infused sponge cake. Love the edible flowers sprinkle on top.

The set comes with a vegetable which we have chosen Chap Chye, Bakwan soup, egg sambal and rice. Super worth it!
The Nyonya Braised Pork is not very oily, meat was super tender and the gravy was perfect for the rice. The Chap Chye is sweet, the soup was tasty, delicious with handmade meatballs.

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Steaming bowl of spicy, aromatic broth with thick rice noodles. Comes with prawns and egg. Rich coconut-based soup which also has lemongrass, turmeric lays the foundation for the noodles with crunchy cucumber slices.

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