Cream Puffs

Cream Puffs

Featuring Matchaya (The Cathay), The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. (ION Orchard), DON DON DONKI (100AM), Châteraisé (Shaw House), Beard Papa's (Plaza Singapura), Beccarino Patisserie, On'Lee Artisan Bakery, Matchaya (Paragon), Kazo (JCube), Boms & Buns
Bread Dinosaur
Bread Dinosaur

🥧 Tea-flavoured Cream Puffs
📍The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. (@1872clippertea)
📌 ION Orchard / Jewel
💰 $4.50 each

Didn’t know that The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. had cream puffs! Even better, they’re tea-flavoured. Each puff comes with a sugary cookie crust, making them even more delectable.

☕ Earl Grey Tea Puff
This is the most suitable puff for tea enthusiasts, the tea taste is a lot stronger than all the other flavours.

🌹 Eternal Garden Tea Puff
The most floral-tasting cream puff, its infused with rose giving it a much more fragrant taste.

🥛 Milk Tea Puff
While it didn’t exactly taste like a cup of Teh C, the tea flavour was still evident. Its a lot lighter than the other flavours, more suitable for those with milder palates.

💕 Lychee Fiesta Tea Puff
Probably my favourite because of the fruitiness of the lychee cream!

They’re a little pricey for their small sizes but so pretty and high quality.

🥧 Taro Yam Choux au Craquelin
📍Beccarino's Patisserie (
📌 North Bridge Road
💰 4 for $10

The choux puff is really crispy and light, while the taro cream is smooth and earthy. I think the yam taste isnt super strong, but its also really natural and minimally sweetened.

⭐ Rating: 8.4/10
🤑 worth the price: ye
🦖 would I buy again: maybe
💍 would I marry: ye


🍞 Matcha Choux Puff
📍Matchaya (@matchayasg)
📌 Multiple outlets
💰 $6
🤑 Promo code: 《BREADINOSAUR》for $5 off on

A+ presentation, this matcha choux puff looks like a little garden omg I love it. The matcha taste is quite strong and the choux puff is crispy and not too sweet. A really great puff for matcha lovers.

Get Matchaya's bakes on with $5 off using my promo code 《BREADINOSAUR》on checkout with min spend of $14!

Additionally, until 31 August, get $8 off using my promo code 《BREADINOSAUR8OFF》with a min spend of $27!

⭐ Rating: 8/10
🤑 worth the price: a lil ex
🦖 would I buy again: maybe
💍 would I marry: maybe

🍞 Kurogoma Choux Puff
📍Matchaya (@matchayasg)
📌 Multiple outlets
💰 $6
🤑 Promo code: 《BREADINOSAUR》for $5 off / 《BREADINOSAUR8OFF》for $8 off on

My first time trying a black sesame choux puff and it did not disappoint. Coated in white and milk / dark chocolate, this choux puff is pretty sweet. The cream looks greyish in colour but it surprised me with its nutty bssm taste.

This would probably satisfy black sesame lovers! Will def try again.

Get Matchaya's bakes on with $5 off using my promo code 《BREADINOSAUR》on checkout with min spend of $14!

Plus, from 22 Aug to 31 Aug only, use 《BREADINOSAUR8OFF》 for $8 off an order with a min spend of $27!

⭐ Rating: 8.8/10
🤑 worth the price: ye
🦖 would I buy again: maybe
💍 would I marry: i would date

🍞 Pate A Choux Box
📌 The Cathay / Paragon
💰 $34
🤑 Promo code: 《BREADINOSAUR》for $5 off on

Got this Pate a Choux box from Matchaya during 's flash sale earlier this month! This box comes with 2 matcha choux puffs, 2 hojicha choux puffs and 2 kurogoma (black sesame) choux puffs, aka some of the most popular flavours out there 👌

First of all I was super impressed with the presentation of the puffs cuz I'm really used to seeing undecorated, plain-exteriored cream puffs so good job Matchaya A+++

🍵 Matcha Choux (9/10)
The matcha taste is STRONK matcha lovers will definitely not be disappointed. Plus the cream fillings are hella generous. Its not too sweet and not too bitter either, perfect!

☕ Hojicha Choux (8.8/10)
Unlike the other 2 puffs that are filled with cream, about 70% of the cream in this puff are on top, making it a bit messier to cut lol but the hojicha taste is really strong too! Same as matcha, not too sweet and not too bitter. Just that the cream is a bit stiffer in comparison.

🖤 Kurogoma Choux (9/10)
The sweetest of the 3 because its covered in a chocolate shell. The black sesame taste is surprisingly evident despite the pale colour of the cream. Black sesame lovers will also be satisfied! Also filled really generously.

Get Matchaya's bakes on with free delivery until 30 June, plus $5 off using my promo code 《BREADINOSAUR》on checkout with min spend of $14!

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I've been to Woodlands plenty of times in the past few months and I never once gave a damn about the new TE2 line because it serves me no purpose anyway. However, the second that I found out that there was a new bakery in the TE2 station, you best believe I ran down there to go check it out. Indeed, nothing gives me more purpose in life than finding new bakeries.

Ngee Ann folk, ya'll may remember the short-lived bakery that opened in Food Club for like 10 seconds. Well guess what? ITS BACK!!! Not at NP but AT WOODLANDS!!!! Here I got the mixed cream puff box consisting of original, chocolate and matcha.

🍦 Original (8/10)
Very milky taste, the texture is slightly on the oily side but I didn't mind it. The cream is super generously filled and the choux puff has a thin layer of cookie crust on top which made the puff a bit sweeter and more fragrant. Unfortunately the choux had gone soft so it wasn't as crisp as I'd like it, but still tasty. Also a bit of TMI but since this came with 2 cream puffs, I ate one only a few days after buying it and it had gone a bit bad and was sourish but I continued to eat it cuz by now I've pumped my body full of junk for years on end that my immune system is basically a god. But like pls eat your cream puffs asap lmao dont risk it

🍫 Chocolate (8.5/10)
My fav, it has many little small chocolate chips inside! Chocolate taste isnt super strong, its quite light but was still fragrant enough and had a slightly malty taste.

🍵 Matcha (8.3/10)
The matcha is quite strong and more on the bitter side. While Beard Papa's matcha cream is milkier and sweeter, this is def not as sweet or milky. Good for matcha lovers to try!


Another one of Beard Papa's limited edition flavours! Honestly they should just make this matcha flavour permanent because this was one of the best cream puffs I've ever had.

That matcha cream. WOW. Smooth and silky with a strong matcha taste and really nice milky-ness. I feel like this matcha is sweet enough to balance out the slight bitterness. It tastes quite similar to the matcha filling in Donq's Uji Matcha bun imo.

The crust was quite crunchy and the cookie bits were really nice but I'd prefer if the cookie crust element was more generous. Imagine the surface of the choux puff being covered in a cookie, like a polo bun. I'd grow fatter from eating that everyday if that were the case.

Really great cream puff, great for matcha lovers too. Not sure if theyre gonna remove it from the menu once May rolls around but its best to get this asap just in case!

⭐ Rating: 9.3/10 matcha lavas
🤑 worth the price: ye
🦖 would I buy again: ye
💍 would I marry: ye

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First time both trying Beard Papa's cream puffs and anything sakura flavoured. I didn't even know people ate sakura flowers, next time if I go to Japan during the cherry blossom season, I'm gonna pick the petals off the ground and stuff them into my mouth in front of all the locals to prove how open my palate is.

Anyways, back to the puff. The cream was interesting, mildly sweet and I would compare it to natural ground red bean in terms of taste, just much lighter. I dont know if the choux puff is supposed to be charcoal flavoured but to me it kinda tastes lowkey chao da LOL however it was pretty crunchy and complements the sakura cream well!

The icing on top (I assume its icing) and the salty pink powder thing (probably salt?) also went well with the sakura cream puff. Overall pretty good, wouldn't get it again but it's still not bad. Also the cream colour is light pink, my cam just makes it look yellow fyi

⭐ Rating: 7.7/10 falling flowers
🤑 worth the price: eh
🦖 would I buy again: no
💍 would I marry: neh

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This cream puff is pretty small in size but generously filled to the brim with chocolate cream. The cream isn't too sweet and has a light yet noticeable cocoa taste. The puff pastry tastes like your regular puff pastry, it doesn't have a cookie crust or any sweetness but it serves it's purpose well as a casing to the star of the show, which is the cream.

Really good albeit quite average, especially for the size and price but still not bad! Would be much better if it had some kind of a cookie crust too but on its own its a solid cream puff.

⭐ Rating: 8/10 chocolate dinos
🤑 worth the price: sure
🦖 would I buy again: if its on discount then yeah
💍 would I marry: I would date

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🍫 Salted Chocolate Eclair
📍Don Don Donki (@donkisg)
📌 Multiple Outlets
💰 $2.50

Eclairs remind me of catered buffet receptions pre-cowvideo19. Remember all those sexy, smooth dong-shaped morsels filled with cream that you would pile on to your plate after finishing all the beehoon and stir fries provided by the caterer? Honestly, when did caterers suddenly decide that eclairs would be the staple dessert for their metal casing buffets? Anyways, I tried an eclair again for the first time in a few years from Don Don Donki, though this eclair is a little different.

This eclair is sold frozen, so the salted caramel cream is frozen too and has the texture of ice cream. It has a very very light chocolatey flavour with a hint of fragrant saltiness. Cuz of the freezing the choux pastry became a tad drier but generally still really good!

It's alright for $2.50, worth a try!

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🍮 Salted Caramel Cream Puff ($4.50) (9/10)
I was expecting the pastry part of the cream puffs to be kinda like regular pastry skin, but the pastry skin actually has kind of a soft cookie crust! The cookie was really fragrant and sweet and I did not expect it at all. The salted caramel cream has a buttery and lightly salted taste, it's so generously stuffed. Really really good and so heavy 🏋️‍♀️

🌰 Nutella Cream Puff ($4) (9.3/10)
This one is my fav. The filling isn't really nutella, more like hazelnut-flavoured cream, and it is INCREDIBLE. The skin also has that really nice cookie layer that makes it all the more delicious. I'd actually love if this also had some chopped hazelnuts inside to further elevate it. But really amazing!

🥯 Cinnamon Bun ($4.50) (8.5/10)
This cinnamon bun is huge and it's so soft! Even after a few days in the fridge, it was still really soft and chewy after toasting with a prominent cinnamon taste.

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I'll be honest, I'm actually not the biggest fan of cream puffs because I dislike the really foamy-like, creamy creams (like whipping cream) so I wasn't super in love with this, but it was still really delicious! The chocolate cream was nicely sweet, don't expect a super intense chocolate flavour though. The cream was really creamy. Really refreshing treat to have especially after refrigerating!

⭐ Rating: 8.1/10 creamy chocolate balls
🤑 worth the price: yes
🦖 would I buy again: maybe
💍 would I marry: I would date

Talented eater Instagram: @breadinosaur

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