Featuring Jian Bo Shui Kueh (Tiong Bahru Market), Broadway (Hougang Ave 8), Fu Zhou Poh Hwa Oyster Cake (Berseh Food Centre), Maxwell Fuzhou Oyster Cake (Maxwell), Teochew Meat Puff, Heng Heng Ondeh Ondeh & Tapioca Cake (Maxwell), J2 Famous Crispy Curry Puff (Amoy Street Food Centre), Hock Le Xiang (Bukit Timah Market), 168 CMY Satay (Chinatown Complex), Chub Tutu
Gerard Lim
Gerard Lim

Popiah @ $1.80

Love this kind of coffee shop popiah which tastes great and generous in amount. Considerably quite big in my opinion, had to take two bites for every roll. And it's served warm!

Especially great as compared to places that overcharge for such a simple dish.

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Fried curry puff @ $1.60

Not much left when we were there at 12+pm on a weekday. Got the fried curry puff and it's not bad and filling was generous. The pastry skin can be more crispy throughout but it's mostly just on the top layer.

Would like to go back and try their baked versions.

5 chicken + 5 pork @ $6

Meat tastes great though the portion is a little bit small. Comes with minimum order of 10pcs though not indicated on the menu. Generous amount of peanut sauce, we even had some leftover which is rare.

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Original @ $1.60
Sardine @ $1.60
Black pepper chicken @ $1.80
*got this via groupbuy and original not featured in picture (not like we can really tell anyway 😅)

Love the pastry skin, it's flaky yet crispy and tastes great.

Original flavour is the best, sardine is not bad, black pepper chicke is not to our liking. Some things are best kept in its original and traditional form I guess.

Hope to have it again.

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Rojak + century egg @ $4.50

It came in a mountain and we loved it. Loads of ingredients with good amount of sauce and peanuts. And the fried fritters are not soggy or tough but cripsy and of great texture.

So close to us that we will be back quite often.

Small @ $4
Added pitan @ $1.20

Not bad, on the salty side.
Quite a lot of youtiao and can't go wrong with the century egg.

Run by an old couple and the uncle will ask for ur orders 3 times haha.

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Back on the second consecutive day for more tapioca cake and saw they sell ondeh ondeh too. Got a box of 5 (ate one before taking photo) and one bite into it we concluded this is the best ondeh ondeh we've had.

Upon touching the tongue everything just melts and the filling oozes out. And then when the jaws close and the teeth bites into the it, there's this crispy texture that's probably the cane sugar.

All the flavours and textures come together zo perfectly and immensely enjoyable. Already thinking when we'll be back next for more.

Oyster cake @ $2

It's alright, maybe cuz it's not freshly made so maybe it could be better.

This is the third place where we tried this traditional dish and it's the cheapest here but the other two are better.

Small box of mixed kueh
1 box of 5 mochi
(Can't remember how much)

Love the kuehs here! The selection isn't a lot but they're great at what they make. The box of mixed kuehs comes with 3 tapioca cake and 2 gule melaka coconut kueh. The tapioca cakes are light and delicious. Even though the texture is more kueh than the fibre kind that we usually like, this is really good also and it's almost jellylike. Tastes super good with the grated coconut. The gula melaka kuehs are also very good and the sweetness is just nice for us. It also comes in a bigger box but we dont know how many are in there.

The mochi is a mix of coconut and peanut fillings and both are really good as well. The fillings are full and geneorus, while the skin is just nice and the taste of it is also perfect to bring out the taste of the fillings.

Already missing them and thinking of when will be the next time we'll be here for these.

Basic flavours: 5pcs @ $2.50
We got 2 x peanut, 2 x coconut and 1 x gula melaka. The peanut one somehow has got thicker flour layer and not too much filling, while the coconut one is better balanced. The gula melaka is just putting the whole block of cane sugar inside and can be quite gao.

We got 2 extra flavours that are in the category of 5pcs $3.50 and because we don't need separate packaging so they were being charged at $0.70 per piece.
They were the nutella and lotus biscoff flavours and they're not bad.

I guess with tutu kueh there's really nothing much to innovate other than to change the filling and they do have quite a lot of variety to choose from.

Upsized oyster cake @ $2.80

There's a few places with this traditional dish and wanted to try them at different places. The one here only has oyster option but it comes with a small prawn in it. Tastes not bad but the seasoning of the filling can be slightly strongwr. The pastry is a bit too thick and can be crispier.

Overall tastes not bad but we prefer the Teochew Meat Puff at Woodlands.

5 pcs for $2.80
Also sold in 8 pcs and 10 pcs

It's good, the texture of the kueh is good, not too hard and not too soft. The saltiness of the caipor was also just nice.

Special mention to the chilli which accentuated the taste of the dish.

Only thing is the selling lady wasn't very nice when I asked for extra fork. She took it and just threw it on the tray 😕

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