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foodiec ✨
foodiec ✨

Decided to try the new Jap store Kumo since Hideki moved out but still prefer Hideki’s dons… waited around 15 mins for my food and salmon don $8.90 was ok (only rice and salmon were hot, the other sides were cold…). Was looking forward to eating lok lok broccoli $6 but was rather disappointed as it’s not crispy / fried long enough and super oily… 😟

Finally had my craving satisfied!! Went on a Friday night and the queue was so long that we decided to queue for sushiro but ended up waiting almost an hour which was even longer :-( decided to go for late lunch on Sat and waited for about 15 mins. Loooove the shiok maki $18.80+ for the eel one. It’s sinful but really so so good. Decided to be adventurous and try the pidan maki $16.80+ but didn’t really like it. Another must order which I forgot to take pic is the salmon fish head soup (sake atama soup $10+). The portion is so big and the warm soup just makes the meal more hearty. Spent about $27 per pax as we ordered agedashi tofu $5+ as well which could have been skipped given that there was tofu and vege in the soup. A must visit, no service charge!

Ordered the pork butatama okonomiyaki $11.90++ and was not too bad. Great place to come in a group so that you can order more and share.
Queue might get long during dinner time but they have shared seating outside as well.

New restaurant / bar and was quite nice because there was a live band playing on level 2 and we could hear the music. Food was v fresh and nice even tho it was a little ex.
For sushi we ordered pork char siew sushi $3.20, wagyu beef $3.80, salmon mentai $5.90. They’re more limited on their sushi selection but their mains/appetiser were not too bad too. We tried the Mentai cauli with Bonito flakes $12 and the prawn zosui $14 (sth like paofan). Spent around $23 each after ++

Pork broth with garlic paste. Pretty decent ramen with a lot of Japanese visiting as well. Can be crowded even on weekdays night. They used to have free hard boiled eggs but now no more!!
Ramen was $15.50++

Perfect for a rainy day - chicken ramen with gyoza
Around $22/pax
Comes with free upsize noodles and they have dry ramen as well. Apparently it’s the sister stall of Kajiken. Have been to Kajiken countless of times but first time here and enjoyed their soup ramen.

Visited on 12 October 2022
$21.80++ The pork was a little tough for me and might have been better if I ordered their other signatures eg steak / pasta / tonkatsu

Visited on 12 May 2021
There are different ways to eat this and they provide a guide as well as various sauces and dashi broth tea to go with it. Super yummy and it’s from man man 😋
Q pricey but they have promos now and then, was almost $30 after promo and ++
They have a very extensive menu and v good sides, suitable for groups

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