Malay Food

Malay Food

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Gerard Lim
Gerard Lim

3 dishes @ $8.90

This is my go-to nasi padang food and it never disappoints. Seems to be getting a tad more expensive each visit.

1 veg + 1 chicken + beef rendang @ $10.30

If I could marry food, I would marry to this. Coba coba never disappoints though a bit shocked at the price this time. Nevertheless the satisfaction at the end of the meal makes it worthwhile.

Trying this chicken for the first time, super tender and the sauce is sweet, a little spicy and with the lime a little sour but all super well balanced.

The beef rendang and sambal kangkong are as good as always.

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Bakmie ayam Cabe Ijo @ $6.90

Green chilli chicken noodle, comes with two chillis on the legend on the menu. But it tastes nothing close to the dish with three chilis. The spiciness is quite mild but the dish is still great! Noodles are handmade and super nicely done and the black sauce (need to ownself add) elevates the dish entirely. While the other dish we had comes with fried chickcen chunks, this is a bit more like minced meat.

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Bakmie ayam balado @ $7.50

Spicy chicken noodles that comes with three chillis in the legend on the menu (which is the highest level). And it's really spicy! But it's also super delicious, the chicken is very nicely fried and the noodles texture are super good. There's a sign that says the noodles are homemade and we were sceptical at first but they do look and taste homemade.

Remember to add some of the dark sauce to the noodles and it will taste like indomie and auper yummy.

Comes with some veggie and a bowl of soup.

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Fried chicken with signature red chilli sauce @ $6.90
More veggie @ $1

It's quite good, the chicken is juicy and comes off the bone super easily.
Comes with daukwa and veggie, but I asked for more veggie and a bit turned off when needed to pay extra $1 ☹️
But they didnt charge me less when I asked for less rice LOL

Overall a good and satisfying meal. There's a bit of queue during weekday lunchtime

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Indomie goreng, smashed chicken @ level 3 spiciness @ $8
Top: + egg @ $1
Bottom: + brocoli @ $2

Walked past this place and decided to go in even though not very hungry as we've been wanting to try this for quite some time. So it means something to say the food is good given that we weren't super hungry.

The indomie tasted great as always (even homecooked ones are great) though portion is a bit small. The smashed chicken it's tender and juicy and comes in good portion. Good that they had the option to add some greens to the dish which helps to balance out the heaviness of the noodles and chicken.

We handled level 3 spiciness quite ok, and will go for higher level next time.

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Nasi ayam rendang + veggie @ $7

Nasi padang stall

Quite a bit of queue during lunch time so decided to join and see if it's any good. It's not bad but not fantastic which makes then price point a little high.

The rice is chicken rice which is a bonus.
The chicken rendang is tasty though rather ordinary.
The veggie is a little too salty.

Might try the dishes next time.

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Kangkong + omelette + begedil + fried chicken
Got another plate with squid + long beans + beef lungs
Total $15.50

Great plate of malay food. All the dishes taate great and the fried chicken was nice and juicy and not messy to eat as the meat comes off easily.

Only complaint is that the rice is quite dry and they didnt give enough curry sauce.

Both chillis were great!
They serve ayam penyet on mon, tue and thu, and mutton briyani on wed and fri. Expected it to be crowded but was quite empty when we reached at 11+ but subsequently became quite crowded closer to noon.

Will be back to try more dishes!

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Roti john with beef and salted egg yolk @ $6

Can taste the salted egg yolk but cannot find the beef. It's mostly the bread.

Won't try this again but possibly other dishes.

Briyani rice + chicken + veggie + omelette @ $7.40

Not bad, the ayam merah is good and spicy. The other dishes are alright. Belachan chilli is also good.

A little bit pricey and a bit of hit and miss with the other dishes that we got in another plate (the beef rendang is the dry type).

Signature taliwang set @ $6.20

The chicken was really tasty, super soft and juicy and there's a nice grilled taste to it as well. Goes super well with the chilli sauce which leaves my stomach churning for a bit which I don't mind as I enjoy the spiciness of it.

Extra chilli is given for the rice which is on the bland side, almost no coconut taste at all.

A bit expensive in my opinion cuz other than the chicken the rest of the ingredients (egg, ikan bilis peanuts, cucumbers) are super basic. Also noticed from the previous posts that the price has significantly increased over the past two years.

But I'll still go back to try other flavours and then see how after that.

Nasi lemak @ $3.20

Very delicious rice and chilli which are the most important parts of nasi lemak. The coconut smell and flavour is strong but not overwhelming and goes superbly well with the chilli.

The dishes are quite normal.
And it seems to be fixed (price also fixed). But probably if you are lucky, there could be other dishes to add on (saw a guy in front added fish fillet but there's nothing else to add when it's our turn).

Yummy to try once and would prefer to explore the other stalls next time.

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