Tbh don't remember much about its taste, would really just recommend going for their parfaits if you're here 🤭.

Overall Rating: 8/10

Loved that the extra side of sauce this time is actually Matcha sauce, to help elevate the matcha flavour in you parfait 🤭. They have Matcha Pudding at the bottom of the parfait, green tea icecream, sweet red bean paste, and nama chocolate here instead. Again, you get strong matcha flavour except a little sweet - similar to matcha KitKat's sweetness, but definitely a sweet treat I'd head back for!

[Nana's Green Tea]
Definitely couldn't give black sesame/ matcha a miss when I saw @nanasgreenteasingapore having such parfaits!!

Black Sesame Warabimochi Parfait Shiratama ($11.80++)
Their parfait came with Black sesame pudding, black sesame ice cream, red bean paste, and shiratama (mochi balls). The black sesame icecream was really strong in black ssm flavour!! It's pretty similar to Matchaya's intensity. There was also a side of brown sugar syrup to drizzle over, which you can omit if it's too sweet for you. NGL I even loved the addition of cornflakes, because of the additional crunch and flavour 🤤.

We are probably all fans of gelato, but it's even more enticing and less sinful when they are high in protein and low in sugar & fat content! They actually state the calories of each flavour so you can eat with less guilt knowing it's much lower than other usual gelatos!

This was definitely my favourite flavour, as the ube was quite strong and not too sweet!

Pistachio was definitely evident here, and it's the milky kind rather than the nuttier ones, altho it's still quite enjoyable!

Ruby Pink Milk Choco
This was pretty similar to what you'd get from milk choc, and I especially liked the pretty pink colour 🤭.

Earl Grey Lavender
Both earl grey and lavender were q prominent! Defo for lovers of these 2 flavours.

Do head down early as most popular flavours are usually sold out by evening! 🤭

Classic Spiced Hot Chocolate ($6.50)
This was really comforting especially on a rainy day, and the chocolate was decently thick and enjoyable!

Artisanal Tea ($4.50)
We tried their lychee rose tea, which was actually really light and mild, so you don't get very strong flavours here.

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We tried the Vanilla & Milk Cream, and I loved how both barks contained a really generous amount of nuts which were both crunhcy and fragrant! My favourite got to be the Vanilla, because I'm a huge fan of White Chocolate, and you could really taste White Choc here.

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@chocoelfsingapore is a Singaporean brand, created by an experienced chocolatier and a medical doctor, focusing on making healthier chocolates using little or no sugar at all.

They have really unique Singapore-style chocolates, including their popular Chocoelf signatures such as kaya and durian chocolates!

Hazelnut Tart ($8)
The tart came with a crispy tart pastry, and the chocolate was quite smooth. Hazelnuts were also a nice addition, and defo for hazelnut and chocolate lovers!

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We decided to get their waffles after being tempted by its fragrance while they were making it for another table 😂. The waffles came crispy, the Ferrero Rocher flavour was decent, but was pretty sorethroat-inducing hahaha.

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Definitely recommend drinking this first, because after trying their Durian Spaghetti, I couldn't taste much from the drink 😂🙈. Was surprised to find durian pulp at the bottom of the drink though! 🤩

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Liked that the rice was served warm, and was soft and slightly chewy! It's also paired with durian puree here.

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Are you a fan of durian? 🤤 You might have seen/ heard of this MSW Spaghetti recently, and it definitely intrigued me!

MSW Spaghetti
Essentially durian icecream in spaghetti form, I really liked how the durian flavour was so strong! It was slightly sweet tho, but I still enjoyed it! Portion was also pretty huge!

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On my list to try for the longest of time, and it never happened even when it was having @burpple 1-1, so when I finally decided to try the deal was no longer there 😂.

Waffle with Double Scoop ($16.50)
- Pistachio & Banana Walnut Brownie Icecream

🌟 Their Pistachio Icecream was super strong I loved it! It was slightly too sweet for my liking, but I'd still gladly have 1 scoop for myself because of the strong Pistachio flavour.

The Banana Walnut Brownie Icecream was not bad as well, it had a strong banana flavour, and the brownie within was slightly chewy.

The waffles were less fluffy than expected tho, and weren't as crispy as I thought it would be. Not the substantial kind of waffles I was expecting, although it was really fragrant in terms of flavour.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

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Eat Well, Travel Often.

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