I love bread - but I can't show you bread pulls here 😂
Wei Ping Ang
Wei Ping Ang

Summer Ham & Cheese
Was surprised to find pineapple within, but actually liked that it was sweet and juicy (altho I'm not a fan of pineapple). There's pretty thick layers of ham which made it even more enjoyable!

Cheesy Pepper Sauce-sage
This was q strong in black pepper flavour, but not overwhelming, and I liked the addition of onions which made it slightly sweeter and fragrant! Their breads are also all soft and fluffy!

[Yung Yung]
Are you missing Thailand's Toasted Lava Buns?!
If you are, yet unable to travel, here's a good alternative for your Yaowarat Bread Buns in Singapore 🤭.

Bis-Choco Bun ($3.50)
A combination of Chocolate and Lotus Biscoff Spread, topped with Lotus Biscoff Cookie Crumbs. Gotta say this was really sinfully good. The Bun came piping hot with crispy outsides, and gooey lava Chocolate and Biscoff filling, topped off with Cookie Crumbs for stronger taste and texture. It was such a messy affair, but I really loved how the flavours came together, including the buttery fragrance from the well-toasted bun 🤤.

Peanut Butter Bun ($2.80)
This on the other hand was kinda disappointing - not because of the bun, but the filling. The peanut butter didn't really have the fragrant pb flavour I was looking for, and it just tasted really sweet. Would prob skip this for other flavours next time!

NGL it's pretty pricey (if you're comparing to Thailand), but if you really don't have a chance to head to Thailand for the real deal, here's a nice alternative to satisfy some cravings!

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

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Tried the DonQ version really long ago before the entire hype started and enjoyed it, but had yet to try the St. Leaven's one until today. The Matcha crumbs and powder on the outside had bitter notes, but the cream inside had a sweeter profile, which some may prefer. Would prefer DonQ for the more bitter Matcha, but I did like the addition of chocolate in this bun though!

Garlic Cream Cheese Bread ($2.50)
Despite the hype, I'd have to say it's still a pretty good flavour combination. Having tried this at different price points - $1.60 at Baker Talent, and $4+ from Paris Baguette, as well as from some other bakeries - I'd say that it's not easy to find one with a good balance of garlic and cream cheese. This one is decent, you get a good amount of garlic and cream cheese, so it's worth a try if you happen to be at Jewel.

Russian Luo Song
This is literally a must-try. You got to try it when it's freshly baked, the bread is really crispy on the outside, and it's an extremely buttery bread that's really fragrant and sinful. Definitely not a croissant, but a butter bun that's made for butter lovers.

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[Thai Baang]
Their bread is always as soft as fluffy, but sadly their black sesame mochi bun was pretty disappointing. There was no black sesame taste at all and tasted more like some other paste was used to make the bun. Their peanut mochi was however not bad in flavour and texture, that may be worth a try instead!

[Gokoku Japanese Bakery]
Koucha Scone ($2.10)
Basically Earl Grey scone, that was pretty strong in the ear grey flavour, and was quite enjoyable.

Shio Vanilla Karumi Scone ($2.10)
This slightly paled in comparison when compared with the earl grey one, with it not being as fragrant, but still okay.

Sadly the scones were quite dry (?) as they would stick to your gums and teeth as you chew on them.

Cheesecake Croissant ($2.20)
Having it on the second day, the texture probably would have changed. Did not remind me of croissant at all, although it did have some sort of cheesecake flavoured filling in it.

As part of their 8-course meal, this was served with every pax having 2 breadsticks each. Really enjoyed how the bread was was served warm and was soft, which also paired well with the raspberry yoghurt sauce, which was sweet with a tangy sour flavour.

Filled generously with taro cream, and although the cream was light, it did get jelak to finish alone - it's best for sharing. The taro cream did have an artificial taste, and the bread was also slightly hard and dry.

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Mochi Cheese Bread ($2.20)
Slightly chewy mochi enclosed within, with 2 types of cheddar cheese cubes to provide you with sufficient cheese flavour as you munch on the bread. If you're a fan of cheese and mochi, then this could just be a simple treat for you!

Eat Well, Travel Often.

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