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Lambo oo
Lambo oo

Note that burpple has 2 for 2 deal now instead of the previous 1 for 1! Ended up with 4 cups of yoghurt instead of 2.

The natural yogurt has always been consistently good and sour enough! Would give the oreo yoghurt a miss next time.

Total for 4 yogurts: $11

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Ice cream shop located beside the hawker centre. Ice cream was light and creamy. Loved the durian ice cream in particular

$7.40 for both scoops (+$0.80 premium flavour)

Was given the option to adjust the gao-ness of the drinks, so milo was super gao and shiok!
The soy sauce for the eggs are too much per plate, adjust accordingly to preference (we placed the whole pack and it was too salty)
We preferred the kaya butter toast as compared to the rojak one.

$10.20 for 2 sets (Milo + $0.20)

This is hands down one of the better stinky tofus I had in Singapore. Tofu was flavourful and freshly fried. Would recommend!

Matcha bingsu: matcha milk ice with red bean paste, almond flakes and matcha ice cream!

Total: $10.90

Classic yoghurt: berries sauce, hazelnut crunch, caramelized nuts and kiwi

Limited choices of fruits as compared to llaollao/yole, but yoghurt was good and not too sweet. Toppings were generous as well. Would give the hazelnut sauce a miss the next time.

Total: $5.50 with burpple 1 for 1

Classic yoghurt consists of 2 sides each, with a generous serving of yoghurt. We got matcha sauce, dark chocolate, caramelized biscuit and muesli.

$5.50 for 2 cups, with burpple 1 for 1

Toast was fluffy and crispy on the edges. Mango cubes, ice cream and toasted almonds were generously sprinkled on top.

$9.90 in total

Carrot cake filled generously with walnuts and carrots. Good for sharing, as portion was too big for one person.

$10 per slice

Warm, gooey and rich cake with vanilla ice cream. Highly recommend!

$14 for one portion

Went around closing time (9pm) but stall was still open and we were able to sit down and enjoy the durian.
Seller chose a durian for us and opened it on the spot without asking for our preferences. We were confused at the whole process- but thankfully the durian quality was good and we enjoyed it. Durian was bitter sweet, and had really small seeds.

$47 for 1.7kg of MSW

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Egglet was made on the spot, and was served while hot (and crispy!)
Chicken floss was sparse, but the sesame seed and seaweed was a nice addition.
$1.15 in total with Shopee flash deal + vouchers

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