Local Cuisine

Local Cuisine

A list of food options for when you crave for local cuisine.
H. Chunwen
H. Chunwen

Not a fan of Horfun in general and when I came by Maxwell Food Centre on a Sunday afternoon, many stalls were already closed. Saw this stall that was open and it was so unassuming and underrated!

Basically my friend and I couldn’t find any reviews about this stall at all but she was craving Horfun so we ordered a shredded chicken Horfun. Turned out to be THE BEST HORFUN I’VE HAD????!!!! 10/10 would specially travel here just to eat the Horfun!

Around 10 people in front of me. Ended up queueing around 1h10min.

Ordered the “All-in-One” Combo MHK ($5) with both dry and soup versions. Soup and ingredients were packed separately (thankfully) and it took me about 1h to travel home before I could dig into these bowls of MHK.

Impressed by my first sip of the soup, the wokhey smell was mild yet addictive. Unfortunately, the wokhey taste started fading off after a while as the palate started getting used to the taste. The MHK was clumped together by the time I consumed it so it’s not exactly fair to review it’s texture, but I like the ingredients in the following order: pork slices, minced pork, prawn ball and pork ball. Would have to say that the soup won my heart over though 😂 Oh and the chilli was 💯

The dry version’s wokhey was so much stronger but the sauce was salty too. Even though I prefer the wokhey in this better, I think overall as a dish, the soup version was better.

Will come back again to try the MHK when dine-in is permitted!

This was the stall with ‘that one longest queue’ in the whole coffeeshop (around 15 people before me) 😂 Would have to say they were fast and efficient though.

Ordered a Chicken for 3 pax (mixed roasted with steamed) and 2 shares of rice. The chicken rice was very fragrant. Steamed chicken was soft and tender while the roasted chicken seems a bit dry even though I tried soaking it up with the sauce. Taste-wise was just nice, not too salty. It’s a good chicken rice place but with that queue, I kind of had higher expectations.

Pretty good soup broth but other than that, nothing special. Ordered the duo fish pao fan ($7.80) + additional side of egg floss (+$1). Fried fish was on the tougher side, and the amount of crispies were quite little. Personally don’t feel that it’s worth the price tag.

Ordered the pork rib and prawn noodles (dry) ($5.50), sauce was flavourful and blended well with the noodle as a dish. Came with 3 pcs of pork ribs (which was relatively meaty) and 3 pcs of prawns. The soup was light yet flavourful and I don’t think there was a lot of MSG in it because I didn’t feel exceptionally thirsty after the meal.

Lard was self-service and initially when I saw the lard being wet and sticking with each other, I was a bit skeptical but it turned out to be crispy and delish too. 10/10 would recommend!

Ordered the HKM ($5) and Fried Oyster ($5). HKM had a flavourful broth and I love that it was slightly on the drier side after we dabaoed (the noodles absorbed the broth and was rly flavourful too). Chilli is like the Nasi Padang/ Ayam Penyet kind, slightly watery but got enough kick. Don’t recommend to mix in the whole amount of chilli because it’ll probably be too spicy 😂 Personally prefer thick noodles to beehoon but this was pretty good and the abalone elevated the taste so okay la can accept the noodle to Beehoon ratio 😂

The fried oyster was fried thick and wasn’t crispy; a bit on the starchier side. Still acceptable but there’re better ones out there. The chilli was not bad though.

Had this as part of my groupbuy and was pleasantly surprised that the noodle texture was still springy when we consumed it.

Had the large bowl and the noodle initially seemed little, but by the end of the meal we were super full. Also came with many meatballs (I think 10?), minced meat, and pork lard(?). It’s a really good bowl of noodles, the soup was relatively flavourful.

I’d order this any time if I’m nearby but it’s not something I would travel for to eat.

Spotted this stall on some food review page when it was still based in Marsiling Mall and pleasantly surprised when it shifted closer to the west!

Ordered the Minced pork noodle ($4) with Mee kia. The texture of Mee kia was springy and it held the sauce very well. Sauce was also very flavourful; the dish included minced pork, fish cake slices, pork liver, braised mushroom and lard. The lard was crispy but unfortunately there wasn’t much in a bowl. Pork liver was thinly sliced and not over cooked, absolutely a delight.

Also I’m not someone who would finish drinking BCM soups unless it’s good, and I finish slurped up every bit of this soup.

The uncle was very humble and also very friendly and had great service. He came to check on how the noodles were while I was in the midst of eating and was very sincere! When I told him I specifically came to the industrial area just for his BCM, he mentioned that he was very paiseh I had to make a trip all the way down 😂 Would come back again for this!

Ordered a small bowl ($9) which was shown as per the photo on their stall. Clarified that the larger bowls come with more ingredients, not just noodles 😂.

The bowl came with springy wanton noodles, hot spring egg, cha-su, crispy potato wrapped prawn, HK style wontons and scallions. The wanton noodles were springy and with the addition of the scallions and chilli, it tasted flavourful. The hot spring egg was cooked to the right texture with a lava yolk and was sweet-savoury flavoured as a whole. Crispy potato wrapped prawn added more texture than taste to the dish while the HK style wontons were filled with very generous fillings of prawn and meat. The best part of this dish was the tender and melt-in-your-mouth Cha-su 💯🤤.

Would have to say that although the ingredients were really fresh, generous and delicious, this bowl didn’t come together as a dish. It’s a dish that I personally feel everyone should try at least once in a life time, but I wouldn’t revisit it again.

Ordered the century egg with minced meat porridge ($5.90) and topped up $2 for youtiao and soymilk. Youtiao was really crispy and porridge was served with fried wanton skin (crispy but has an oily taste to it, abit jelak after a while). Soymilk was really smooth and didn’t have siap taste too! Have to say it’s a bit pricey for porridge but I find it worth the price.

Chanced upon this place on an FB post and decided to head down and try it. It’s nestled in Shi Fu Food Court on the 3rd floor of Toh Guan Centre.

Ordered Curry Pork Ribs Set ($4.50), Hakka Fried Pork Belly Set ($6.50) and Shrimp Paste Chicken ($1.80 each). Hands down would come back for the Curry Pork Ribs Set. The curry is very flavourful and reminds me a bit of rendang and there was sufficient lemak taste in it.

Hakka Fried Pork Belly Set contains of Nasi Lemak (Lemak taste was quite mild), Achar, Tempura bits (loved this!), Sambal Chilli (a bit salty), and the Hakka Fried Pork Belly (this was so good!). The Shrimp Paste Chicken was a tad oily but the harcheong taste was on point and not overwhelming.

Would love to go back and try their Laksa and get the curry pork ribs set again!

Ordered their Set A Basmati Coconut with Classic Fried Chicken ($7.90) and added on some Butter Chicken ($3). Given that their food does not contain MSG, I find the taste pretty good!

Basmati rice was not Lemak enough for me but for those who want a healthy meal, this should suffice. Their Chilli isn’t the typical salty ones as well and is definitely way healthier! Would have to say that their butter chicken is good too, not as flavourful as many other places (but again, healthy alert!). This bowl is probably for those who wanna be healthier but craves local food imo. In addition, the eggs were cooked to a wonderful consistency (runny yolk) and their fried chicken was really flavourful and the Star of the dish!✨

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