sweet treats 🍨

sweet treats 🍨

Featuring The Assembly Ground (The Cathay), Hvala (CHIJMES), Apiary (Neil Road), 108 Matcha Saro (Suntec City), Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique (Jewel Changi Airport), An Açaí Affair (i12 Katong), Yatkayan Dessert (Fortune Centre), Monarchs & Milkweed Gelato, Burnt Cones (Sunset Way), W Acai (PLQ Mall)
Cheralynn Wong
Cheralynn Wong

have had acai from quite a few brands and none of them match up to AAA’s 😛 i agree that the quality can sometimes be inconsistent but they are super generous with the toppings!!! i love LOVE my nuts and this rly delivers in that aspect. you’re guaranteed to have a crunch in every mouthful 👌🏻 the price is also reasonable for the portion imo. the medium we got was perfect shared between two and could be a meal if i had it on my own.

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didn’t have stomach space for their mochi waffles so we settled for this! matcha was intense and rich in this slice and i enjoyed the thin layer of azuki beans which complemented it and wasn’t too sweet. would have absolutely loved this if not for the fact that the sponge was super dense 😔 taste is a solid 10/10 but texture has some room for improvement imo!

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goma slice was our fav out of everything we got!!! bssm flavour was rly prominent and nutty and we enjoyed the light and airy sponge. the cream wasn’t heavy or cloyingly sweet either. tiramisu cake was a miss for me bc i don’t fancy cream and there was just too much cream and too little cake imo. though i must admit it was quite light!

as for the matcha goma latte, i initially found the matcha and bssm combination a lil too earthy but it quickly grew on me after a few sips. the sweetness level was just right and it paired well with the cakes we got!

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topped up $1 for the medium intensity of matcha and it was perfect for us!! v smooth and creamy, highly recommend if you’re a fan of matcha. waffles unfortunately wasn’t to my liking though my friend enjoyed it. i thought it was too chewy and lacked a crispy exterior though it was def super fragrant!!

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a perfect refreshing treat for the hot weather!!! it came with matcha soft serve, matcha warabi mochi, red bean paste and brown sugar jelly. the standout for me was the chewy warabi mochi which i loveeee and usually get an entire box of 😚 the red bean paste was not too sweet and complemented the soft serve. the jellies at the bottom were forgettable tbh. didn’t have much taste, just for texture i guess?? not the most intense matcha i’ve had but still earthy enough and defo satisfied my matcha cravings 🍵

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roasted pistachio ($4.90 + $1 premium + $1 cone)
roasted sesame ($4.90 + $1 cone)

their gelato is deserving of all the raving reviews bc both flavours were so goooood. super creamy, smooth and had a balanced sweetness which i rly appreciate!! roasted pistachio was vv nutty, almost like i was eating the actual nut. more savoury than i was expecting!! preferred the roasted sesame slightly more bc of how robust and earthy it was. literally tasted like black ssm paste except in ice cream form!!! must-try for bssm lovers 💯

as for the cones, BOP’s is unbeatable la but theirs won me over with its buttery flavour and delightfully crisp texture, which lasted throughout even though we took awhile to finish our scoops!! worth the $1 top up 👍🏻

never thought i’d ever say this about chendol but this was really good 😵‍💫 they really nailed the proportion of the gula melaka and coconut milk, it was super fragrant, creamy yet not cloying. the red beans also weren’t mushy or overly sweet and the yam paste was smooth and savoury, pairing rly well with the sweet chendol!! was left a lil confused by the pandan jelly though. it had a kueh-like texture and tasted exactly like 九层糕 which i couldn’t get used to :”) other than that, it’s a super yummy and refreshing treat 🤩

ended off our meal here with this decadent treat! kinda looks like a lava cake so you might expect something to flow out but it’s just vanilla ice cream within~ the brownie wasn’t too sweet but the texture was disappointing since it came frozen and was slightly hard. could be more moist and fudgier!!

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ngl i had my doubts once my friend picked oreo and it turned out as i expected HAHA didn’t rly taste like oreo, instead more like a milky chocolate. and i’m not a fan of choc so this didn’t do it for me. their black ssm was better — creamy with a prominent roasty aroma but i wished the flavour could be more intense!!!

kinda expected more given the hype 🥲 so on the whole, i felt q disappointed but still worth w burpple 1f1!


got white collar & cookie monster for the acai bowls, jasmine & japanese green tea for the drink!

drinks were nothing special, just regular unsweetened cold brew tea made using teabags. acai bowl was pretty good tho!! fruits were fresh and acai wasn’t too sweet either. tasted comparable to the other known brands except the consistency was slightly too watery for my liking. but well, no complaints bc i only paid $13 for everything 🤪


hands down my fav place for ice cream!!!! pricier than your average ice cream but the quality justifies every cent. what i love about it is how their flavours are very natural-tasting and just sweet enough without ever getting too jelak. plus the texture of their ice cream is consistently amazing - so smooth and creamy 😍

tried sea salt hojicha this time round! i LOVE hojicha so even if it includes sea salt which i dislike, i can’t pass up on it. the sea salt component was unexpectedly mild in this and was overpowered by the richness of the hojicha. definitely suits my preferences but it might disappoint those looking forward to a strong sea salt flavour. the star of the show, however, is their THYME CONE. you gotta top up that $1 whenever you’re at BOP man. it’s so crispy and aromatic with the thyme-fragrance 🤩 plus it goes so well with every single flavour!!

fluffy and airy waffles went well with the ice cream, which were perfectly smooth and creamy! tried blue pea vanilla and apiary! i found the former meh despite the good reviews. it just tasted like........ sweet milk? personally am not into v milky flavours but my friends rly enjoyed it! as for the apiary flavour, i can see why it’s their signature!! it’s honey-based w chunks of macadamia nuts which i rly enjoyed. creamy yet not overly rich :-)

would love to try their other flavours like pistachio which many recommend next time!!