Featuring FATCAT Ice Cream Bar (Bedok), Keong Saik Bakery, Apiary (Neil Road), the kins', Birds of Paradise Gelato Boutique (Jewel Changi Airport), PS.Cafe (Raffles City), Lickers (Hougang), Monarchs & Milkweed Gelato, Puffs and Peaks, Burnt Cones (Sunset Way)
jadey eats
jadey eats

📍: Burnt Cones
🍦🧇: Coconut Lychee, Ube & Dark Chocolate Gelato on Plajn Buttermilk Waffle

I have been wanting to try @burntcones since I saw them popping up all over my feed. They’re on the opposite end of the island from where I stay though ☹️ Managed to chance upon them on my long-distance walk one weekend though, was so excited 🥳

Their gelatos are soooooooo thicc and creamy! Our table did find it to be rather cloying and sweet halfway through though.

However, we did unanimously agree that the waffles was the real star here though 🌟 we were silently fighting to stuff as many pieces of waffle in our mouthes 🤪 crisp on the outside, chewy yet fluffy and soft on the inside. As a self-proclaimed waffles & gelato lover, this is definitely one of the best waffles I’ve had!

Service was great too and will definitely return again for the waffles despite how far away I stay 🤍

📍: PS. Cafe
🍰: Double Chocolate Blackout Cake

The first time I heard of this cake from @pscafe was sometime last year? It somehow reminded me of Hard Rock Cafe’s Mud Pie, in terms of how big & decadent the dessert is! It’s an actual tower of two layers of chocolate cake, that could be 2 slices on its own, and it’s topped with creamy & rich dark chocolate ganache.

I really enjoyed this cake & found myself being unable to put my fork down, despite how incredibly stuffed I was just enjoying this! Personally found the cake and ganache not too sweet, but the chocolate sauce pooled around it was pretty overwhelming! The cake itself was already super rich & the sauce made the dish cloying after a couple of bites. The vanilla ice cream was a big help in mellowing out the rich cocoa flavours though.

I’d say, this is a must try for all chocolate lovers, but be warned that this cake is a meal of its own!

(🚨This was taken before P2HA!🚨)

🍦🧇 blue milk & matcha ice cream with plain waffle ($14)
📍 Apiary, Singapore

I LOVE freshly made waffles with ice cream, and I’m so glad I can finally say that I’ve checked off my list!

It’s definitely one of the more popular ice cream parlours in Singapore, and although I can understand why, I wouldn’t pay a visit again unless there’s absolutely no snaking queue outside.

Apiary’s blue milk is a milk based ice cream that is infused with blue pea flowers and topped with Himalayan sea salt. The result? A smooth & creamy no-frills icy delight.

Paired this with the matcha ice cream which was earthy enough for a true matcha lover like me 🥰

It might’ve been the batch that we got but the waffle arrived soft all-around, no crispy edges. I didn’t mind since I really enjoyed the waffle batter, which was pretty eggy in flavour.

🍩 lemon, vanilla bean & hojicha donuts ($3.80 each)
📍puffs & peaks bakery

🍵 hojicha donut: omg this one was so THICC. the custard was much heavier for the hojicha donut, it was SO GAO (in a good way!!) which really let you enjoy the earthy notes of the roasted tea 🤤


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🍩 lemon, vanilla bean & hojicha donuts ($3.80 each)
📍puffs & peaks bakery

i’ve been seeing bombolonis/stuffed donuts pop-up all over my feed lately and i just had to try some from @puffsandpeaks.

they have some pretty interesting flavours featured & it’s changed up weekly too! grabbed 3/4 flavours the week i visited.

🍩 the donut: light yet bready and sturdy enough to hold the delicious custard held within. definitely not greasy either! honestly, i would’ve preferred the donut without the sugar crystals or replaced with a light dusting of powdered sugar instead.

🍋 lemon donut: a new flavour that was out when i visited! oh man the custard for this one was so tart and very lemony, those who love lemon flavours will not be disappointed.

🍦vanilla donut: look! at! the! vanilla! beans! this flavour really let the oh-so-creamy and velvety custard shine through. nothing vanilla about this one 😉

my favourites were a tie between the vanilla bean & hojicha donuts, but the lemon was really enjoyable too!

the donuts here are quite pricey but i didn’t mind since it was a treat & it’s always great to support new & small local businesses popping up in the neighbourhood.

will pay another visit to try their other delicious bakes next time! if you’re planning to visit, be ready to queue about 20 minutes & check their instagram for updates on what’s available!


ig: @jadey.eats

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Ordered a double scoop of Oolong Lavender & Honeycomb ice cream from Lickers. We were cautioned by the staff that the former had a strong lavender flavour to it, but that didn’t deter me as a lavender fan 😊

And in all honesty, after a couple of mouthfuls, I couldn’t taste the flavour anymore 😂 my companion disagreed though.

Our favourite was definitely the Honeycomb out of the two! There were even bits of actual crispy honeycomb to compliment the light honey taste.

The ice cream wasn’t as creamy as I would’ve liked, but I’ll definitely be back to try their waffles 😊

The perfect dessert for sweater weather to keep you warm 😌 Ordered the traditional black sesame & peanut rice balls with peanut soup. Everything was great about this bowl; affordable, the rice balls were chewy & soft and the soup was served warm and slightly sweet.

I can never escape getting myself a scoop of gelato whenever I visit Jewel (which is very often 😂).

Always ordered the Sea Salt Hojicha with the Thyme Cone, until I decided that I’m making it a personal mission to try every flavour they have to offer! So far all of their gelatos have not disappointed me, they’re all extremely creamy and the flavours are worth a try at least once.

🍵Sea Salt Hojicha; one of the stronger flavours on their menu, super earthy & oh-so-creamy. This is one for the huge Hojicha lovers.

🍦Pistachio; one of the better pistachio gelatos I’ve had in SG. It was a bit icy though, I’m not sure if it’s because they added bits of the actual pistachio nut?

🍑🌹Peach & Rose Sorbet; a more unique take on sorbet, this was one of their more mild flavours but the fruity, floral aroma won me over!!!

☕️ Masala Spice; Masala Chai tea lovers!!!!!! You must try this, it tastes exactly like Masala Chai; it’s just the right balance of chai & cream

🍐 Spiced Pear; if you can’t decide between something fruity or earthy, try this! It has the perfect blend of both and will satiate both cravings at once.

If you have sufficient space for dessert, ALWAYS GET THEIR THYME CONE! 🤤 a waft of the smell of their thyme cone is enough to convince you to order one.

TBC when I try more flavours 😉


Had to top-up an additional $1 with BB 1-for-1 for the premium gelato flavours.

Overall a great experience at 100labs, I always love trying out new ice cream places! The waffle was pretty good, crisp on the outside and soft inside. The pistachio was nutty, earthy and delicious, but melted pretty quickly. It wasn’t very creamy either and was rather icy.

My friend had the Honey & Fig flavour which tasted amazing and even had bits of actual fig in it; but it melted even faster :(

I’d definitely return again because of 1-for-1 deals to try out their other flavours though!


With the most unique variety of gelato I’ve ever seen, Monarchs & Milkweed Gelato’s chilled desserts lean toward the more mild flavours that aren’t overly sweetened.

The Brown Butter Sage was very earthy and creamy, while the Lavender was distinctly floral. My companion said she avoids Lavender anything as it usually tastes very “soapy” 😂 I, on the other hand, absolutely love anything Lavender! I thought it was one of the better tasting Lavender foods I’ve tried.

Give this gelato store a try if you love gelato or just want something out of the ordinary, you definitely won’t go wrong here! If I’m ever in Bugis again, I’ll definitely make a stop here 🥰


If you love cheesecake and cruffins, @keongsaikbakery is a MUST visit.

I absolutely love their Two Face Burnt Cheesecake, I’d even say that it’s my favourite rendition of it in Singapore! Keong Saik Bakery has definitely achieved the perfect balance of cheesy, creamy, sweet and earthy from the mix of Matcha & Cream Cheese 🍵🧀. If there’s one thing you need to try there, it’s their burnt cheesecake for sure.

We also ordered their cruffins, but as visually appealing as they were, I was underwhelmed by them. Both the filling & the croissant aspects of the cruffins were subpar, but honestly, I’d probably still go back & try their other new and exciting flavours.


instagram: @jadey.eats i like pretty pictures of food 🍡

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