Got S'mores and cheesecake.
There were only 2 people infront of us but we waited for ~20-25 minutes.
Ice cream melts very very fast too.
It tasted like a very normal chocolate ice cream.

Ordered Fish and chip and Pork burger using burpple ( 2 mains for $20)

Fish and chip: It was supposed to be beer battered dory fish but it was not crispy.... It was soggy and it tasted like plain flour + fish. The batter and the fish was tasteless.

Pork burger: very salty... Pork seems a little bit undercooked too.


▫️ Australia beef ribeye steak Medium Rare ($30)
I love it!!!!!!! With 1 for 1, the quality is super worth it.
The beef was juicy and the sauce (forgot the name but its butter w herbs) complements it very well even tho it's a little salty.
However. some parts of the beef were overcooked (well-done).

▫️ Duck leg confit ($24)
Decided to order this cause of the reviews here.
The sauce is very interesting BUT the duck was very dry and not tender.
Not sure if its a one-off thing but q disappointing so I would skip this in future.

▫️Truffle fries ($6)
Portion was quite huge for $6
Truffle taste was lacklustre & quite salty.

Overall, i'll come back again and try other grill dishes. ✨

▫️ Salmon Madness ($20)
I enjoyed the salmon and roasted vegetables but the vegetable was too oily.
Roasted vegetables include baby potatoes, carrot and mushrooms.
8.5 / 10

▫️ Honey BBQ ribs ($22)
My bf enjoyed the ribs. Portion was huge.
Ribs was tender and fall off the bone easily.
Lotus root chips were cold and hard.
8.5 / 10

💸 $22

Even though the place is quite ulu but we will still go back again to try out other dishes ✨


We went on a saturday around 2.15pm and it was still crowded even though the last order cut-off was 2.30pm.

▫️Steak & Egg bowl ($14)
It was pretty mehhhhh...
Bread stick was super hard and the beef was tough.
Portion is huge for me.

▫️Pulled pork eggs benedict($14)
My friend enjoyed the pulled pork eggs benedict but we concluded it's not a dish that we will order again.

▫️Salted caramel coffee ($5.5)

💸: $20.85

Would love to try the beef kofta shakshuka in future! Saw a few tables ordering that dish

We ordered 5 dishes in total:
▫️Wagyu beef burger (Medium rare)
This is amazing 💯 The brioche bun was good and light. The beef patty was nicely done.
10/10 would recommend

▫️BBQ baby pork ribs
The meat is tender but the taste is very normal.
Good for sharing but I would skip it the next time round.

▫️Vongole (Linguine)
I didn't really like it but my friends love it.
It was an acquired taste but worth trying.

▫️Prawn basil pesto pasta
This was the crowd fav's.
We topped up $3 for Fettuccine.
"I didnt expect myself to like pesto this much"
However, it can be quite jelat if you are eating the whole portion yourself.
Recommend to share with friends.

▫️Bacon cream pasta
Very meh...
Cream was super thick and nothing special.

Its amazingggg ✨
💸: $18.9 ($9.45 each w burpple beyond)
Very generous with the salmon
Ratings: 4/5 😛

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