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Featuring Sunday Folks (Chip Bee Gardens), Bread Yard (Galaxis), Market Street Hawker Centre, Wang Dae Bak Charcoal BBQ (Cross Street Exchange), Lowercase, The Clueless Goat, Chicken Up (Tanjong Pagar), Kim's Family Food (Lorong Kilat), Fluff Bakery, Rolling Rice (Marina Square)
Ro ro
Ro ro

Really liked the Bingsu and the milk tea ice cream :) not a super huge fan of the bread below (forgot the name hehe)

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Really enjoyed every single dish thay we got and the side dishes were good and the quantity was good and the price was good tooo (about $8 - $10) each


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- pork ribs which came with aglio olio (REALLY LIKED THIS)
- ravioli
- minestrone SOUP
- mushroom soup
- chicken baked rice
This was definitely too much for 3 of us but enjoyed ALL the dishes except for ravioli which was a little gelat

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This was a little salty for me and I kept biting ginger thinking that it was chicken. The portion was good but would not get this again. Would like to go with more people and try out other dishes too.
They have a set lunch with iced lemon tea for $8. Individual dishes generally cost about $8-$10 (without gst and service tax)

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We got:
- vegetarian nachos: my mum really enjoyed the guacamole
- Chipotle chicken tacos: the chicken was marinated really well and tasted goood
- Devil wings: it had a nice crispy outer and dipping sauce

We reached at 9pm and they were not accepting walk in anymore so we did a takeaway. It smelt really good but it got soggy by the time we got home. Would definitely like to go again and try it hot at the shop again (do make a reservation before going!)

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Really enjoyed both dishes that we got! They've also got quite a simple menu so it wasn't that difficult to choose

The downside is that it might get sickening to have one dish to yourself given the quantity (and price) so better to check this place out if you're sharing with a friend rather than a meal for yourself

1) Pulled pork benedict (14)
- the pork was good and generous
- surprisingly the dish was not salty even after it was cold
- the egg was runnyyyy
- the peri Perry sauce was a mix of tangy and sweet but didn't really use it

2) Mushroom Alfredo ($16)
- this had a light truffle smell and lots of mushrooms
- they could have given a little more bacon
- quite liked the sauce and pasta!


Quite enjoyed all the dishes that we ordered!

1) chicken Tom yum - loved the soup that was light. Thanks to the pot, it was hot/warm for quite a while

2) Kang Kong - got it thinking it was sambal. It was a different sauce (not sure what) but it was GOOD!

3) omelette - the taste was good but a little oily and airy

4) fried chicken wings - it was small, thin and crispy!

5) basil chicken - quite liked the sauce and chicken (not spicy)

6) Thai milk tea - this was done well where it was not too sweet and not too thick

7) vegetable fried rice - nahhh

Loved every single dish that we ordered and the prices are quite close or lower than some of the zi zar prices at hawkers
- single portion chicken rice, the meat was a little salty and went well with the rice that had a nice flavour and the sauce was a mix of sour and spicy
- seafood Tom yum, the Tom yum was solid and really good when we drank it hot. The seafood inside was bland and we ate it with the sauces
- sambal Kang Kong was not too spicy and good!
- plain omelette cooked just nice and crispy. I ate most of it on its own or with the Kang Kong
- ordered a chicken rice (without chicken) instead of plain rice. I really liked the flavour so ate it separately with the sauce. Eating it with the Kang Kong covered the chicken rice flavour
- mango salad was sooo nice with the tangy flavour and the nuts that gave a nice contrast

We got these for 3 people and paid about $47 (the food came up to 40 and the extra for service tax and gst)

We ordered the onion rava thosai that came with the 3 chutney and sambar and they all tasted really good. The TEA was super goood tooo but rmb to drink it hot!

My dad ordered the ghee thosai and i tried a little - am not very comfortable with the ghee flavour so wouldn't get it

My brother in law got the chilli paratha which is sweet at the start but spicy at the end. Not a fan and wouldn't get ig

Went at 8pm and there was no more vadai 😭. Got onion pakoda instead which was alright but a little oily so wouldn't recommend.

Overall, it's a really good and affordable choice for thosai. The shop is a little small and tight so not the location to sit and eat and chat and chill for very long :)

The quantity was large with 3 pieces of ham, 2 pieces of turkey bacon, mushroom, cheery tomato, scrambled eggs and 2 pieces of pancakes. The eggs were a little bland and the food got really salty after a while. Would recommend to share this so that you can finish it while it's warm cause it tasted really GOOD at the start.

The carbonara pasta was gooood too! The portion was hearty.

They served the food pretty quickly and it was quite a comfortable seating location. We sat inside and that was a good choice as the fountain outside can be loud and make it difficult to hear each other.

These 2 dishes + 1 drink + service charge + GST came up to about $35. Do be prepared for this price!

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The quantity was a little large for 2 people and so we couldn't order anything else 😪 the sauce was sweet and i am not a fan of sweet food so didn't really enjoy it. But the chicken was good

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We got the all day special set with the grilled chicken as teriyaki, sides: pasta and fries. We got this as I am a small eater and preferred sharing a dish. However the scrambled egg was bland and the chicken sausages weren't thay great. For sharing, would suggest just adding on sides :). The teriyaki sauce was sweet and didn't really like it. Was good that they gave it on the side instead of pouring it on the chicken.

The hickory BBQ chicken is a better option as the sauce is nice! They were both well grilled.

My mum was expecting the thicker fries but we got this thin one

My dad ordered the marina spaghetti which good! The sauce was nice and the seafood was of a generous portion.

My bro in law got the grilled fish w herb which felt bland to him

Ro ro

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