Featuring Bread Yard (Galaxis), Rookery (Hong Leong Building), Crystal Jade Palace 翡翠皇宫 (Takashimaya), LINO (Binjai Park), Nipong Naepong (313@Somerset), Tipo Pasta Bar, Da Paolo Gastronomia (Cluny Court), FANGKO+ Coffee & Beer (Hongkong Street), Tenya (Orchard Central), Craft Pizza
bread_ bakesandcooks
bread_ bakesandcooks

I love the rose sauce a lot as it wasn’t too cloying/creamy. There was also a generous serving of seafood and the noodles were springy & chewy 🤤

The shape of the orecchiette pasta helped to hold on to the tomato sauce, and this is defo not your typical one-dimensional bolognese coughs 🥲. I also loved how the ricotta cheese and pecorino romano injected this slight savoury touch to the pasta 🥺🥺❤️

This pasta is reminiscent of a Vongole and the clams were really fresh!! The generous pile of crumbs on top elevated this whole dish & I’d defo reorder this again.

I love pesto to bits and trust me when we say this is one of the best pesto pastas ever. The casarecce pasta held the basil pesto so well and I loved how there was a slight hint of lemon zest, fried garlic slices and pine nuts sprinkled all around. 🤟💯👌My friend was so happy & raving about this hehe

I was disappointed with the jp as there were no clams or prawns in the noods VS what was shown on the menu HAHA. There were only a few minuscule pieces of squid and I felt the quintessential seafood fragrance was lacklustre in here 🙃

The jjm coated every strand of noodle well after mixing and there was a generous amount of onions. This was a no frills dish and our cravings were satisfied 👌 Apart from that, I’d wish for a bit more meat to add some texture & dimension to the noods ✨

The difference btw level 3 & 4 was quite subtle, but the indomie helped to quell the spice and had a nostalgic taste (cos it’s indomie!!!). A classic indeed.

• Rustic Meatball Linguine ($14): 2/10
Okie I’ve been wanting to try the pastas so I finally did and oh boy...... I was so disappointed. The linguine was really mushy, the tomato sauce wasn’t well-seasoned and the beef meatballs were tough as heck. I barely managed to finish half of the pasta and I cannot imagine paying for this at full price. 🥺 Sadly, my dining companion felt the same way too so this is a major no go.
** not sure if I should’ve ordered the bacon & prawn Aglio Olio instead but oh wells major regrets

I was really ravenous so I had the seafood tendon (less rice) + cold soba set, but you’d be happy to know that you can ask for less rice (-$0.50) or more rice (+$0.50)!!!
Overall: I would say this tempura place is great if you’re craving for affordable and fuss-free tempura, but only if there isn’t such a long queue. Hopefully the queues are shorter now?? 😌

Cold Soba: 8/10
Being someone who’s quite particular about noodle textures, i was ecstatic that the soba noodles were very well cooked. The soba sauce was also fragrant and savoury, and went so well with the green onions and wasabi. I also loved the tempura bits provided as they added a nice cronch which is always very much appreciated. ✨👌

I really wanted to try this pasta and I think it fared surprisingly well! The clams we had were fresh, while the pasta sauce was savoury yet light on the palate AND infused into the pasta, unlike the previous pasta place that I recently posted about oops.

This was my friend’s fav and if you can’t already tell from the pic, it was reallyyyy creamy and filled with crabmeat, without being overly surfeiting or thiccc. The tomato base was also slightly tangy and served to whet my appetite even more👅

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