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if you think a subscription close to $100 would bother to update the app if one of the restaurants was permanently closed… think again LOL

Edit: well better late than never! LOL


probably one of the best mac and cheese i’ve had in my life - very good deal with burpple 1 for 1. portions are HUGE though so not too suitable if you have a small appetite

tamago sando: delicious and soft, substantial portions - great vegetarian option
matcha lemonade: not a fan, tastes weird

cheap and expensive coffee tastes the same to me so honestly i just found this cafe to be very overpriced...but it is to be expected since it’s at raffles hotel. the club sandwich was delicious but it was definitely not worth $32 😂. fantastic place to chill, hangout and take pictures though - i love the ambience! the music can get a bit loud at times though!

as a big fan of eventasty (have eaten here more than 10 times), it is unfortunate that the noodles at century square pales in comparison to the one at funan. the soup is diluted and the noodles are not as tangy. would recommend the funan outlet instead if you are looking to try this restaurant!


if you like mala flavours this place is for you! the bowls are also very big as seen in the photo - i think one bowl is enough to share between two people.

morello cherry: extremely sweet but i really like it. but my friend found it a bit sour.

s’mores: has a slightly bbq-aftertaste but delicious - has a rich chocolate flavour which i really like.

take note that they only allow takeaways also don’t bother going 2 hours after opening time - they usually don’t have much left by then!

great place to drink with your friends! also convenient if you need to have smoke breaks lol
salmon pizza: great if you like thin crust, generous portion of salmon
schnitzel: i liked this dish - delicious and not overcooked
customer service was great although they were obviously very busy.

the quesadillas were the standouts here! the burrito portion is also extremely generous and it is paired with an excellent tomato gravy! do note that they charge for water though.


this place never disappoints - the menu has been entirely revamped since i was here years ago but the food remains great. the lamb was soft and flavourful and the fish and chips was served with generous heaps of fries. my only complaint that the plates are a bit small and i had to ask for extra plates to ensure that the food would not spill onto the table.

large unagi don: unagi is really soft and delicious! however not the biggest fan of the consistency of the eggs as it was slightly overcooked and not runny
large pork don: above average dish but same comments about the eggs. overall, i thought both portions were a bit small for a large don

*do note that the 1 for 1 drinks are only for alcohol!


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