Random. Eats.

Random. Eats.

Featuring One Man Coffee (Upper Thomson), Sarnies (Telok Ayer), Nesuto (Tras St), Twenty Grammes (Bugis), Tarte by Cheryl Koh (Shaw House), The Dark Gallery (Millenia Walk), LECOQ, The Dark Gallery (Takashimaya), Taan Asian Grill Bar 炭 亚洲烧烤吧 (Bugis), Torasho Ramen & Charcoal Bar
Felicia Yeoh
Felicia Yeoh

I would say its an interesting take on dry ramen. But halfway through it was pretty rich on lobster which then made me think original flavour might still be better.

But the rest of their fusion sides that i ordered (charcoal unagi with mango salad) was terrible so i think it led to an overall of 6/10. Above average but some minuses which equates to not worth it to come back again.


Similar concept to maki and just wanted to give it a try as the ingredients were pretty special.
Overall the ingredients were fresh but i think their sauce is slightly lacking. (ie. Yuzu sesame was overpowered by the yuzu and their teriyaki sauce felt like oyster sauce).

However daring foodies can try their signatures which were quite innovative in the pairings and the names too! Maybe they would have tasted different/better than my own concoctions....


So sorry to bash their store but everything tasted meh.
Food wise normal or mortifying👀
1. The salmon bowl - normal (imo that's a meh when translating my friends critique)
2. The charsiew - too fatty (honestly i thought it was nubbad 🤷‍♀️, friends are always harsher)
3. Cold somen truffle hotate - mortifying/traumatic
- truffle was too overpowering
- the whole dish was too oily to stomach (couldn't finish after3 bites)
- hotate had no taste
- could be a personal preference thing.... 😕
**waiter said this was a hot fav and so I ordered it. Maybe next time I shall listen to my friend whose recommendation did not include any of the above.
Hence will probably not be heading back here anytime soon and utilise the BB....which I honestly didn't as
the burple was quite hard to utilise seeing how the menu was limited and it was only applicable to mains so the sets were off limits.... Zzz usually I read all the T&C but for some reason the part where only large portions can be used was missed out (stupid eyes) but the waiter also didn't bother clarifying my orders when I said I would be using BB.

Overall didn't really like it. 👎

With the brp 1f1 price this is quite worth it. And as the name suggest, it is a tasting platter.
There were some nice ones and there were some meh ones.

Nice ones <3:
1. The ice cream never fails
2. The mocha was surprisingly nice
3. Gooey brownie was delishhh (pair it with the ice cream to sigh over it again)
4. The choco tart

The rest.... I am not a fan of pure chocolate. So this could be biasness on my part but the rest were good just not with the price tag.

But overall that's a 70% hit and that makes it a good offer. 😋

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Honestly the menu practically begged me to try this signature dish which President Obama had ate in Thailand. (marketing at its best! 😬)
I was definitely not disappointed. Add the fresh chili and garlic for that extra boost in taste you won't regret.

It was spicy, sour, sweet and salty all at the same time. The pork in the soup was also really flavourful and had great texture.
Super appetising and super fulfilling.
Definitely would go back again for this!
This was priced at $14 but worth it. For those less adventurous, there's the usual pho that will never go wrong. (ah sorry I forgot about N** N**)

Bacon carbonara tasted great!! There was a good mixture of cream and cheese. The bacon gave a good balance of salty throughout the dish.

All-in-brekkie was good too. The mushroom was well sauteed and the sausage was tasty (its on the spicy end). The scrambled eggs were slightly tasteless but I added black pepper and salt on my own.

The burpple 1for1 applies to both mains and pastas. had a great brunch here!

It was VERY CROWDED although it was a Wednesday night. We tried to walk in that night and the queue was already 5-6 groups long at 7pm. The waitress told us that the the waiting time was about an hour. I recommend calling for a reservation 2 days in advance (because we tried to call a day before and there were no slots anymore).

After a long time waiting, we ended up getting seated at Taan at about 815pm and only getting our skewers at 845pm.

My friend and I got the burpple 20 skewers, 1for1 which gave us 40 skewers in total. The portion was definitely too huge for 2 people. I think the serving could comfortably feed 4 people.

Basically, there is a minimum requirement of at least 2 sticks per item so you need to choose 10 items to make 20 skewers. With the burpple 1for1, they will just duplicate the order for the next 20 skewers. You can choose between a few flavours.

I think the best items were the enoki/shitake mushroom with bacon, chicken wing and the chicken skewers. On the other hand, the beancurd skin was dry and the mantou didnt really go with the seasoning. The other types of meat were a little on the tougher side esp when the skewers couldnt stay warm for long. Lucky enough, we could takeaway the remaining skewers that we couldnt finish.

Although we didnt order the alcohol, there was quite a cool range of beverages! There was frozen beer! The table beside us were going crazy with the drinks.

Went to Sarnies for dinner on a Friday night and was pleasantly surprised that it wasnt very crowded at 7pm. We could easily get a table for five inside the restaurant.

I ordered the spiced roadkill chicken,$18 (original price)/$9 (with burpple 50% off). The serving of the chicken was huge because it was the whole chicken. The meat was tender and soft other than the breast meat which got alittle too dry/much for me closer to the end of the meal. I couldnt finish the dish myself.

My friends on the other hand got the grass-fed ribeye, $18 (original price)/ $9 (with burpple 50% off). Unfortunately, the beef looked deceivingly tender because it ended up being very rubbery and tough. They spent half the time chewing. They did comment that the truffle side sauce was good though but generally would not recommend getting the dish.

Other than that, Sarnies has happy hour for $8/$9 for wine/house pour so if you are looking for some drinks with dinner. I guess its decently priced.

Maybe their pastas or sandwiches are good, till next time!

This lobster mac and cheese was awesome.
Though it could get abit gelat if you eat it on your own. Pair it with another main to share and it should hit the spot.
Also got the handmade pasta with eggplant and ricotta cheese but the mac & cheese was a definite winner to me.
FYI, don't order these two together. Both had cheese in them and was super filling towards the end.
Price wise both was on the high side ~$27/28.
Still a nice place to catch up and had great chill vibes.

All tarts were about $11-$13.
Had the dark chocolate and the hojicha Earl Grey.
The dark chocolate was a classic. The hojicha Earl Grey was slightly lacking in hojicha flavour but contained the fragrance of the tea.
Price is steep but overall it had great flavours and textures. All in all a satisfying afternoon sweet treat.


So worth it with the BB 1f1. Their waffles were crispy AND LIGHT. Didn't taste much difference in the yin-yang waffle I got but it looked enticing regardless.
Tasted better ice creams but theirs was fineee as well.
Just perhaps don't get their lavender flavour one as it was too overpowering. The other usual flavours like Earl Grey and and strawberry were good.

Fried chicken was heavenly. Right amount of oil and flavourful.
Got the chicken set and the spicy set each priced around ($6.50)
The burger was balanced with pickles, lettuce and tomatoes.
Get ready to be a messy eater as there is no way to consume that without dripping sauce.
Both options of cajun fries were good (with or without cheese)
*CAUTION: THE SPICY ONE CAN KILL ONE'S TASTEBUDS. But so worth it though. Started crying a little bit to the end and had to down alot of milk afterwards.

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