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Hui Ying Ang
Hui Ying Ang

I especially loved the Lemon Yakult. 👍🏻 If I remember correctly, there is bottle/jug version for the drinks at $8. Highly recommend both drinks to pair with the spicy food that this restaurant offers.

My usual favourite mini cheese cake, in chocolate flavour! To be honest, can’t taste much of the chocolate. But still yummy due to the melt-in-your-mouth sensation. 👌🏻

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Very unique combination of sweet strawberry and refreshing basil! Highly recommended!

Used Burpple 1 for 1 for this.

Very fragrance tea latte recommended by the friendly service staff. :) Must order if you love roasted tea!

Used Burpple 1 for 1 deal for this.

Specially paid a visit back to my old office area just to drink this strawberry milkshake! It’s that good! Do bear in mind that this shop relocated to a stall in Cintech 1 food court.

Finally tried this with 50% sugar after my previous wrong choice of 0% sugar. Not bad, quite fragrant and light. Will order again if I’m craving for something lighter instead of the usual sweet bbt.

Camped outside the shop to wait for a fresh batch of this and I was not the only one 🤣 And wow it’s worth it! The exterior of the soft bun was lined with crusty matcha cookie crumbs. Matcha “lava” cream was not those artificial tasting one, in fact it tasted a little bitter which I really enjoyed. Red bean filling was soft and not too sweet as well. Will definitely purchase this again!

Chocolate Mousse was from the classic range ($3.50) and Hojicha was from the premium range ($4.20). Both flavors tasted thick and creamy, which I really enjoyed a lot. Waffles was more on the soft and chewy side, wished that it was crispier though. Maybe I should had went for the ice cream on cone instead.

Another of my fav from Mini One! Cute and small bite size cheese cake that melt in your mouth. Love it so much! Hot fav among my family.

I think this is my 2nd fav after the strawberry mochi. Crispy and flaky croissant with melty chocolate center. 😋 Scored 3 pcs extra on my most recent purchase as the aunty felt that they were too “ugly” to be scold ✌🏻

My top fav from Mini One!!!! So so so addicted to this that I detour to town after work almost weekly just to satisfy my cravings. Sweet and chewy with bits of white chocolates. Yummy 😋

Fluffy and light pancake, but portion was too small for the price paid :( I would had expected a scoop of ice cream for such a premium price but nope it was just fresh cream topping. 10mins wait for a table, another 10mins for the food. Will only go back if there is promotion.

A pig soul stuck in a petite body

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