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Doreen T
Doreen T

Glass rim was lined with sugar bits while the drink consist of lychee purée, rose syrup, lemon juice and soda.

Girly and pretty mocktail with a strong lychee note. Highly recommend this over my previous yuzu passionfruit rip off.

Skip this and order something else that looks and taste interesting for $7.90.

It tastes like any ordinary yuza soda water. I feel kind of cheated.

Plating looks kind of sad. My mash potato underneath the chicken leg is probably just a tablespoon size. Chicken was well seasoned. Just a wee bit on a saltier side.

The side vegetables, oh gawd the vegs! The carrot looks like it came out of a fairytale but it’s one of the worst carrots I’ve ever tasted. Perhaps that’s just how that species of carrot it supposed to taste like. Earthy, mmhm weird but cute.

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Waited 40mins on a warm Saturday afternoon to get in. No prior reservations were allowed on weekends. Make sure your makeups is able to last through the waiting time.

Was it worth it? Hands-down YES!
The whole cafe’s interior was very aesthetically pleasing with flowers and homely vintage furnishing. Every single corner is instagrammable regardless of where you were seated. It was a magical experience dining in.

Toppings were generous and I’m Glad they did at this price point. Granola flooded the entire pancake and it felt like a breakfast meal. Soufflé is fluffy without being too eggy. Texture is perfect. Not too soft, not too overcooked. Only complaint is it’s too expensive.
I would order the original in my future visit since the soufflé is the star.

Do note that there is a time limit of 80mins per table. Staffs will stick a note stating your time arrival on the table stand.

Back to my favourite dog friendly cafe where I can bring my furry little one along.

A friend and I ordered:

-Escargots ($6)
-Prawn Aglio Olio ($9)
-Chicken burger with double patties ($12)
-Garlic mash potatoes
-French fries ($2)
-Sautéed mushrooms

Support local!

Delicious scrambled eggs, juicy mushrooms and smoked salmons. Fried chicken was okay. Salad can be further improved imo; looks cheap and taste mediocre.

To be honest, I can’t remember anything outstanding about this dish.

Very generous portion fit for 2 to share. Hash brown is delicious and crispy, pan fried mushroom is soft and buttery, sausage is huge and juicy, one of the best big breakfast I had so far. Only complain is I wished the bread is toasted.

I love love love love love this dish. Heck, it can be counted as my favourite fries dish in my life. Who knows the harmony of onsen tamago and bonito flakes can go so well with a mountain of shu tiao. BUY BUY BUY!

Doreen T

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That’s my dog, Pancake. He’s a Japanese soufflé pancake with butter if you can see it. ;)

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