Healthier Choice

Healthier Choice

Featuring VeganBurg (Eunos), Flavours by Sauté (Funan), Tea Pulse (Philip Street), elemen (PLQ), Taikoo Lane Hotpot, Chinese Tofu Magician 半仙豆夫 (Paya Lebar Square), Greendot (NEX), Greendot (Junction 8), Gong He Guan (Chinatown), D'life (Toa Payoh)
Khng Choon Yen Wendy
Khng Choon Yen Wendy

This soy Milk tea has creamy layer on top. It's really nice to drink. I love the combo when you sprinkle the soy bean powder on top and dip the chewy mochi in. I am greedy and love and overkill. If only they can give me lots more soy bean powder. Just like they would if its a warabi mochi. That would be so nice.

Tasty as usual. Everything is tasty I love the coconut fries alot. Adds a subtle sweet and fragrance to the usual mayo taste. The burger isn't hot though. Would how loved it so much more its just hot but its diffeerent. I think the burger station have to wait for the fries to be ready. Because the fries is piping hot.

Back for a healthy dinner. Recently fell in love with their sesame rice. So yummy like chicken rice.

Somehow I just love the taste of their shroom burger. Accompanied with an indulgent mushroom pops. 😋

Quite tasty. The base laksa is the laksa soup that we are all familiar with. The ingredients inside consist of
1 tofu
1 brinjal
1 ladies finger
1 chilli
1 mushroom
You can choose 手工面 or the laksa noodles. I would try to ask if they can serve rice as an alternative.

Compare to non vegetarian laksa $10.90 isn't cheap, compare to normal vegetarian food, $10.90 is quite alright. Ah going healthy, vegetarian and tasty can be quite expensive. But I love greendot laksa. 😜

Ah their bento needs no introduction. I still enjoy their food alot because its pretty tasty for greens. I am a meat lover but greendot makes greens taste good.

We went for the 5 course meal. Most of the foods are quite tasty and they have made the blue pe tofu eggless. What a pity they have removed the eggless lava cake.
Go for the fruit rojak, elemen appitizer, truffle mushroom soup, blue pea tofu rice, truffle mushroom pasta.
Average tasting dishes will be the pizza, bread sticks, treasure mushroom soup is somewhat sweet and tiramisu.
I dont quite like the sticky date pudding. It's too sweet.

The burger is delicious. What I like about it is they give actual chunks of avocado slices when you add it as a topping. Get it if you love avocado. So worth the extra $2. The brownie is abit of a disappointment. It cost $5.90 and measures about 5cmx6cmx0.8cm. At about less than 1cm in thickness. I say that a tinie tiny brownie. I am also not impressed with its taste. Sorry vegan burg. I had higher expectations.

The food is decent. The wagyu beef sets cost about $22.90 before taxes. The advantage about eating here. Is that they have individual pots and serve single pax sets. I do appreciate the option of being able to dine alone for hotpot. The staff are friendly but they seem very busy and overworked. The sauces are not my favorite. I prefer to blend my own.

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This is the walnut Sesame paste. The price is ok at $3.50 per bowl. I am not a Chinese dessert expert so I can't ascertain whether it contains more flour or more of the real ingredients. But the taste is pretty nice.

This dish is well done with enough crispy bits too. It's definitely a must for those who are vegetarian and crave the actual or luah. It's abit pricey for flour mushroom and eggs. But it is really quite rare to find vegetarian or luah. Let alone a nice one. So it's a good find.

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Needs no introduction. I eat this when I want something soothing and nourishing.

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