Food Adventures

Food Adventures

Featuring Shukuu Izakaya & Sake Bar, Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory (313@Somerset), Meat N' Chill, Elixir Boutique Roasters, Meadesmoore (Raffles Place), Hey! I Am Yogost (Suntec City), The Drunken Poet, Borscht, Coucou Restaurant, Ramen Nagi (ION Orchard)
Joy Lim
Joy Lim

We started with the burrata with elderflower balsamic drizzled on top and a side of burnt grapes and fennel. It was very pleasant, the grapes added a sweetness to the creamy burrata and the slightly tart balsamic. We then shared a large format cut (flat iron) with the black tomatoes.

The steak was done medium/medium-rare, which was a bit too rare for our liking, but the waitstaff and kitchen were happy to cook our steak a touch more. The steak was incredibly tender and well-seasoned, and the accompanying salsa verde and bordelaise sauce were flavourful. The black tomatoes paired very well with the steak, offering a different flavour profile with the meat.

To finish off our meal, we had the tiramisu with brandy cream. Brandy was used in various parts of the dessert, but it wasn’t overpowering. It was perfectly sweet, and not heavy like cream-based desserts can be.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience, with friendly and attentive waitstaff, and a great ambience.

Great food, cozy ambience and friendly, accommodating staff! Got the Bellini classic, piquillo stuffed with goat cheese, jamon truffle croquette, crab, avocado salsa and grapefruit tostadas, and bread with 3 spreads (romesco tomato - which had a woody flavour to it, spiced green olive and baked eggplant - which tasted "clean", for lack of a better term).

I enjoyed the croquette the most - it was hot and crispy on the outside, the truffle provided a deep earthy flavour and it came with a delightfully creamy dipping sauce. Highly recommended.

The Bellini classic, a cava cocktail, was sweet and strong - perfect for an evening of relaxation!

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Food was delicious and portions were large. Particularly enjoyed the pie - buttery, flakey crust, hot gooey cheese and a savory filling. However, the roast beef was a little tough for my liking, though I really enjoyed the yorkshire pudding that came with it.

I'm not usually one to drink beer, but I really liked the Guinnes beer which I felt was one of the best I've ever drank. It was smooth, creamy and balanced.

Staff was super friendly as well. Ambience made for a great place to catch up with friends and talk over good food.

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Great service from the staff and the portions were generous. Food in general was extremely tasty as well, I was pleasantly surprised by the Cheese Topokki because of how rich, creamy and savoury the cheese was and how well it complemented the soft yet chewy rice cakes! Chicken came in large portions and was delicious, I really enjoyed the sweetness of the onion powder which coated the hot, crispy chicken. The chicken also came with sweet, juicy onion slices that gave a tangy, refreshing taste that helps to cut the heaviness of the meat. A slightly sour dipping sauce was provided as well.
The beer was okay, I expected the cream to be more incorporated into the drink but it was just whipped cream on beer, still made for a refreshing and very pretty drink though!

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Got the Mao Shan Wang duo combo to try. Durian was fresh and of great quality, very creamy, sweet, rich and fleshy, super delicious! Really satisfied my durian cravings 😊 The durian gelato was very smooth and creamy as well, and the cookies were delightfully crunchy. I wish the gelato had a stronger durian flavour, but it was still really good.

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I tried the Strawberry Lemon Yo-Tea and Matcha Red Bean Yogurt Classic. I really liked the yo-tea, it was extremely refreshing and served as a great thirst quencher, and the fresh strawberry bits provided an additional interesting texture to the drink. The matcha drink was pretty good as well, there was plenty of red beans provided and the drink was very filling.

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The food was delicious - we tried many dishes and they were all extremely flavourful. We got pork rib stew (soy based) with glass noodles and tteokbokki. The tteokbokki wasn't chewy enough for me but the ribs were super soft and the stew was savoury and fragrant. We also got the crab meat and roe rice balls, and you could shape them yourself so that was fun! The tomato cheese kimchi pancake was great too, the spiciness of the kimchi was balanced by the soft, stretchy cheese and made for a delicious dish. However, the serving size is rather big so you should definitely share it with 2-4 pax. The spicy squid was tasty as well, and came with plenty of crunchy sprouts which I particularly enjoyed. Lastly, the free flow banchan helped to cut the greasiness of some of the food and was also delightfully crunchy!

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Food was really delicious. Ordered torched mackerel and gyu ponzu. Both dishes had interesting, chewy textures - the gyu ponzu also came with crunchy roe that popped in your mouth and they were extremely flavorful as well. We also got the parmesan chips, and the salty cheese complemented the sweet honey and cherry tomatoes really well. Those 3 dishes paired well with the sweet sake. We ordered agedashi tofu and hot soba too, both of which were warm and comforting, perfect to end the meal with. The ambience was also very cozy and the staff were helpful!

This yong tau foo was definitely more unique compared to others I've tried before. The ingredients picked out were fried, so they had a crispy texture, and they were also coated with a thick flavourful sauce. I particularly enjoyed the youtiao. The thick, silky, chewy noodles were well done as well! The staff there were also nice and helpful, so the overall experience was very good :)

The food was really delicious and came in large portions. I ordered the dumpling sample platter, okroshka and medovik. The dumpling skin was really smooth and chewy, and the fillings were very unique too.

The okroshka, which is a cold summer soup, was refreshing. It had cucumbers which provided a crunchy texture, and there were potatoes and egg inside as well. It's definitely one of the most interesting soups I've ever had, and it was really yummy too. I also tried some of the borscht which my friend ordered and that was nice too, very hearty and flavourful.

Lastly, the medovik which is a honey cake was very dense, so I do recommend sharing it with someone else! The cake was very sweet and filling and made for good dessert.

I really enjoyed myself here and am looking forward to trying the other dishes they have to offer. Would definitely recommend if you're looking for some unique and delicious Russian cuisine!

The Wine Cove offers an extensive wine list, and although I'm not much of a drinker myself I still enjoyed the white wine (Savian Pinot Grigio Venezia) I got.

For cold dishes, the tuna mini cone had unique visuals and texture, where the tender tuna was wrapped in the crunchy cone. This dish had a sesame dressing which made it very fragrant as well.

I wouldn't say I'm a big fan of peppers, but the padron peppers we got were nicely fried and well seasoned - and it paired nicely with the white wine I had.

Other food we had included the roasted romanesco and squid ink yakimeshi. Both dishes were delicious, and I particularly enjoyed the latter dish, as the rice was chewy and provided an interesting mouthfeel (and an explosion of flavour!)

We ended our meal with the cheesecake, where the berry sauce provided a nice contrast and acidity to the soft, rich, creamy cake.

Good ambience and the staff were super friendly as well! (Toilet was also clean which is a nice bonus lol)

Ordered mentaiko salmon bowl and lemongrass pandan drink. The drink was very fragrant and refreshing. The bowl came with salmon, egg, broccoli and pearl rice. Salmon was well cooked and didn't taste fishy, and it paired well with the rice. Broccoli added to the visuals of the dish, giving it a nice pop of colour.

The creaminess of the egg, the mentaiko on the salmon, the teriyaki sauce in the rice and the furikake all blended together in a beautiful medley of flavours, coating every grain of plump pearl rice and delivering an absolutely delicious mouthful every time.

Overall a filling and delicious meal.

Joy Lim

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