Good To Try But Once Jiu Hao

Good To Try But Once Jiu Hao

Probably not worth going...
TinyBread :D
TinyBread :D

Honest tots:
Service is good
Ambience is good (lol thanks Guoco)
But the poke bowl (if it can even be called that) is horrible

First off, the portion is quite 😐. Maybe because I'm used to getting the bigger bowls from poke doke or poke theory hence this was like no. Okay fine, maybe cause 1 for 1 so they skimp on the portion but the quality can make up for it... Or so I thought.

Cucumber and carrots are raw (fine, I don't usually order these toppings so okay), pineapple is normal, watermelon is spiced (not suited to my tastebuds), the sashimi (we chose sesame tuna and spicy salmon) is not the freshest. It's a tad slimey and doesn't have that oomf factor. But probably the most disappointing of all is the rice (???). It is limp and soggy and (imo) naming it sushi rice on the menu is a joke. The rice is just bland and mushy and stale (????) Omg this is such a horrible dinner and I can't stop complaining about it (we had it for a Friday dinner too!!! 😭 SO DISAPPOINTED)

The Burpple deal didn't even salvage it a bit. Absolute waste of money. Probably if I could choose the sides, it might be a bit better because I really dislike raw carrots in my meals but then again how does one mess up sushi rice??? Definitely avoid at all cost. 🙄

Lol so annoyed with this meal (totally spoilt Friday vibes) that I had to write a (unfortunately) negative review just to let off some steam 😤😤😤

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The sweet BF ordered this for us one fine Wednesday morning :')

Matcha mango freeze: this is more mangoy than matcha.. Could do with more matcha imo

Oolong jelly matcha royale: I like how the lighter oolong jelly goes very well with the matcha and milk but wish that there's more matcha (the milk proportion is way too much imo which clouds the taste of matcha)

Peach cloud with jelly: the bro feedback that this is very sweet

Personally wouldn't be back for seconds of these though. I'll stick with my matcha espresso :)

Excited to see bbt options in FP during the extended CB period!

We ordered the red tea (0% sugar), brown sugar fresh milk and milk tea (75% sugar), all with the option of adding brown sugar pearls. The cost for each drink is about $3-4 which is pretty okay.

Taste wise:

Red tea: I love it! The slightly bitter tea contrasts very well with the sweet brown sugar pearls

Fresh milk: very milky and classic combination

Milk tea: this is way too sweet for me but my bro seems to like it so 😛

Their brown sugar pearls are also on the hard side. Not as chewy and QQ as the popular brands but I guess have to make do la in this period 😂 probably won't order again though. There are better options haha

Had been wanting to try 大大条 fries after seeing it in many food fairs and pasar malam so finally went for it at Chatuchak!

There are 3 options of sauce to choose from:
- Regular : $7.90
- Premium : $8.90
- Half (only 1 premium sauce max) : $9.90

We chose the half option and opted for Seaweed Mayo (regular) and Mentaiko Mayo (premium). There were a total of 10 fries and each fry is super long 😂 but other than that, taste wise it's not super fantastic and the sauces were quite forgettable too.

Nonetheless, appreciate that they really use seaweed flakes for seaweed sauce instead of the usual seaweed powder haha. Good to try it once but probably won't buy it again.

We were looking for desserts and spotted an insanely long queue at Ah Chew's. Being the typical kiasu Singaporean, I pulled the bf to join the queue haha.

But hor, I personally don't find this very amazing/special... Perhaps their Orh Nee (Yam Paste) is the highlight but nothing too special with their Mango Pomelo or Red Bean Paste.

Wanted to visit Gangsta Ramen for quite some time now and eatigo 30% + $5 Eatigo voucher finally motivated us enough to give this a try!

Getting to this place was quite a feat as Google maps pointed us to the side entrance of the complex when we could have entered from the front... After arriving, the place was very empty 😲 okay fair enough, it's a Saturday afternoon so probably that's normal since it's a CBD area.

We couldn't find anyone upon entering and only after a few repeated hellos did a middle aged server came out to greet us. She honored the Eatigo deal without questions and proceeded to explain what is included in the discount. After we made our order, we have to make payment first, which comes up to ~$18.

We ordered the Spicy Ramen ($12), Cheese Ramen ($12), Torikatsu ($2.50), Smoked Duck ($2.50) and 2x Hot Green Tea ($1.50 each). Only the drinks were excluded from the discount.

The good:
✔ Springy Ramen
✔ Soft and Melty Char Siew
✔ Torikatsu was SO GOOD - Crispy outside moist inside

The not-so-good:
❌ Broth was on the lighter side, quite forgettable
❌ Spicy paste has a very gamey/porky smell which I found quite unpleasant
❌ No seaweed & also not in menu even as an add on

Overall: probably would not visit again as it's quite a normal bowl of noodles (I wouldn't really call it Ramen since the broth is really not up to standard). But if you're there, please give the Torikatsu a go. It's only $2.50 and it's soooooo good ☑

Was on our way to another dessert place when we passed by this stall at the corner of the Chinatown Point Basement. There's a 1 for 1 offer and hence we decided to give this a shot.

The soft serve is very fragrant and really smells like coconut milk. However, the consistency is more icy than creamy, probably due to the low amounts of milk used (as mostly coconut milk). The sugar cone was also lackluster. Probably will not buy it again.

Very dry bibimbap and the kimchi was too sweet for my liking. There's also not enough gochujang sauce given (and that's after requesting them for more). Will not be back as there's so much more and better options in the food court.

We wanted to give Ramen Champion another go after a disappointing meal last year but standards did not improve.

Ordered the Go to Hell ramen, Tom Yam cheese ramen as well as a beef daikon side. Although the spicy ramen ($14+) is really spicy (and this is coming from someone who eats Samyang 2x noodles without breaking a sweat), it's not very flavorful. The Tom Yam ramen ($16+) also had a weird after taste. Beef Daikon portion was also very miniscule and it costs $7.90+. Not worth it at all.

Save your calories, save your money and give this place a miss.

Beef was tender, shrimp was okay but the udon and broth is very forgettable... Would rather pop by Idaten Udon a few minutes away for decent udon UwU

Had a wonderful experience here last year and decided to go back for Valentine's day dinner.

We ordered the hawaiian pizza as well as a mushroom chicken risotto. The risotto is very bland and mushy... Could really have been seasoned better. The pizza was average and the dough is neither fluffy nor crispy which is quite disappointing.

However what I find the most appalling was the service. The staffs were nonchalent and unprofessional when interacting with us, using very casual language. While I do not expect fine dining standards, I would appreciate a friendlier and more respectful tone.

Overall, passable meal but won't be back as there's better Italian food options around.

Was craving pizza and decided to give Morettino a try. Service was commendable - staffs were polite and friendly, really made us feel at ease.

We ordered the pesto chicken pizza as well as the spaghetti amatriciana with burrata. The pasta came first and first impression was the burrata looks like it melted... Lol. Was expecting a ball or at least a semi ball but it arrived looking like it was probably there maybe 20minutes ago ):

The pizza came around 5 minutes later and it was not hot. The chicken pieces were also dry and bland.

Ambience was enjoyable as it was a quiet Wednesday evening and they had some pretty nice music too. However, the food is a disappointment and sad to say, we won't be back ):

Sweet Tooth Princess ^_^

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