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Shun Teoh
Shun Teoh

We have a winner here. Out of all the dishes I’ve tried in Hawker Chan, this was surprisingly the best.
Melt-in-your-mouth char siew and springy wan tan noodles, it’s the perfect match! Eat it with the delicious sambal, you won’t regret it.
Perhaps they should’ve gave the star to this dish, I would’ve been much more convinced.

Chicken aside, Hawker Chan offers other protein choices too.
Decent roasted pork. Juicy, just enough saltiness and not too heavy on the fat.
Tried the roasted pork with Thai Rice with Sauce. Yet again, it wasn’t really anything fancy. Just plain, very wet, rice. I like the garlic rice much more.

I’ve heard of it, I’ve seen it on the net, and this is my first time trying it out.
This is the plate that earned Hawker Chan a Michelin star.
Accompanied by the fragrant garlic rice are thick chicken slices drenched in a flavourful sauce.
I liked the rice. I could eat it on its own with their tangy chilli sauce.
Although I can’t say the same for the chicken. I find it a tad bit dry and not as juicy as I expected (with it receiving a prestigious star I truly hoped for something way better).
It wasn’t terrible. Maybe slightly above average, but was it Michelin star worthy? Perhaps not. You might even find a better plate in your favourite local kopitiam.

A basic banana leaf rice set that comes with aromatic curry that goes so well with the fluffy rice, 4 side dishes (the highlight was the yogurt cucumber for me!).
Everything was super yummy! Finished the whole portion of rice because the curry paired so well with it.
Friendly owner who kept checking in on us because we look like banana leaf rice beginners. Even offered his homemade Indian tea for us to try!
It’s a bummer they only open on weekdays (10-3pm), otherwise I’ll be making this a weekly affair.

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Another yummy dish to order off the menu. I love their pizzas! Thin-crusted pie blanketed by melted cheese and loaded with spicy bacon.

A must-order whenever I’m here! Best eaten with a glass of frozen beer.
Cant stop raving about this cheesy, super calorific and sinful plate! There’s something so extraordinarily dirty about the whole experience, but oh so satisfying.
Crispy nachos covered in tangy chili con carne and gooey cheese. Optional but dip them in the bowl of creamy melted cheese (MORE CHEESE because you’re already sinning, so might as well take it to the next level).

When the gigantic plate landed right in front of me, it reminded me of Village Park’s iconic plate for some reason (perhaps it’s the serai, or the golden fried chicken).
Nevertheless, I dug into the fluffy rice and tender chicken right away. I admit to underestimating Nasi Lemak Lah, so I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious everything was! My favourite being the crispy and juicy fried chicken, of course. The sambal was mildly spicy and on the sweeter side.
The space was slightly compact, but otherwise the service was great. Paired with undeniably good food, Nasi Lemak Lah is off to a good start!

Peanut paste+Sesame paste! Super smooth!!
Latte art move aside. Here we have TONG SUI ART.

As mentioned, the wok hei-laden plate! I was never a fan of CKT but we finished this entire plate. All thanks to the fragrant noodles, crunchy beansprouts, and Chinese sausages.

They call it Penang chee cheong fun so I expected it to be the same as Genting Cafe’s famed peanut butter & har gao chee cheong fun, but don’t get your hopes up because it wasn’t similar.
BUT, it was still delicious. Especially liked the chilli sauce which was a little tangy, a little spicy, and a whole lot of flavour! Yum.

Love love love everything we ordered! Tucked away in Kepong, this place serves amazing Penang eats. From white curry mee to wok hei-laden char kuey teow, they have it all, and they do it well!
Let’s talk food. White curry mee was super rich with coconut milk. Loaded with fat and juicy siham, tau fu pok, pig’s blood and meat balls. (Talking about it just makes me crave for it more now) I don’t usually eat yellow noodles, but theirs were so springy, I couldn’t stop!

Optional but highly suggested: order their deep fried mantous to mop up the savoury gravy!!

Pictures capture the fondest memories. A foodie and a fattie.

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