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Just Keep Eating
Just Keep Eating

Granny's Delight, a Malay stall at the Amoy street food centre #02-86 selling cheap and good local delights such as Chicken Laksa, Ayam Penyet etc.

$4 plate of Ikan Penyet comes with generous slices of fried fish fillet, fried egg, and curry rice.

[Good Day #01-25] At $4.50, this was pretty good, they were so generous with the beef and sauce! Beef was very tender, and overall it was tasty with wokhei. The sauce was so flavourful it actually became a bit too salty towards the end. It might be good to share. I'll definitely come back to try the other hor funs!

Finally tried the Singapore style ramen from A Noodle Story! This was well-worth the $5.50 and the 20mins queueing time. It tasted abit like wanton mee, yet not exactly as well as the sauce is different from the usual ones that we have. Ingredients are generous and I must say, my favourite was the char siew which was really tender and good :)

Reasonably priced at $10 per bowl for a wagyu beef donburi. Tender slices of medium rare wagyu topped with a runny egg. Meat was also really succulent and well marinated. The white sauce is also not some typical mayonnaise but a type of yogurt sauce which is made from yogurt, sesame and Japanese mayo.

Be prepared to queue at least half an hour for this and it’s better if you reach at 11.15am (before the working crowd comes over for lunch).
They take pride in making each bowl of donburi - as they slice the beef into those thin, beautiful slices😍 while they make sure the eggs are not over cooked, hence it’s really worth the wait/queue.

Really yummy and would come back again!

Located at 7 Maxwell Road, Amoy Street Food Centre # 01-08, Singapore 069111. Lor Mee (extra fish), $4. We love this bowl of Lor Mee! Fragrant gravy that’s not too thick to our liking.. They are very generous in their ingredients, pork belly, crispy ngor hiong, and huge chunk of deep-fried fish meat!!! Everything is so good in this bowl!! #hungryunicornsg #lormee #lormeesg #amoystreetfoodcentre #amoyfoodcentre

Super yummy bar chor mee. Their chilli is the bomb! Mee kia is springy and QQ! Pork liver is soft enough too.

Price: $5 for medium size

$5.5 (+0.7 for rice). Located at the ground floor, this thai food stall with a green signboard is something we look forward to eating! This green curry tastes good and is worth the wait. Contains chicken, basil, long bean, brinjal, chili. Is quite spicy for green curry but overall enjoyed it :-)

Thai basil chicken mama noodles ($5)! Comes with a fried egg on top. This is Thai instant noodles elevated with fiery basil chicken.

Definitely prefer this to their Thai basil chicken rice.

Finally managed to try Isaac Toast! The sweet sauce used contrasted well with the savoury bacon. Loved that their omelette contains corn, which also provided another hint of sweetness. Will be back for more~

Wasn’t impressed by this bread. Plus points were the generous serving of strawberries and the cream isn’t too sweet. I personally prefer bread that’s more chewy.

Loved their service, live harp music, and the interesting spread. Preferred their plain scone over the raisin scone as the former was buttery and dense while the latter was a little dry. Their ondeh ondeh macaroon was great too. The pecan orange tart was interesting and better than expected; the nuttiness helped to balance out the sweetness. Loved the high quality chocolate used for the dense and moist chocolate cake. My friend and I weren’t into the fruit cake and pudding. However, we enjoyed the smoked salmon and prawn sandwiches. My friend particularly loved the crunch for the chicken in the mini waffle bowl.

They offer an interesting variety of sushi options that’s not found in other places like Sushi Express and Genki Sushi. This might appeal to those who prefer something unique or different. However, I guess I have boring taste buds and was not majorly attracted to any of their sushi offering. Nevertheless, the 4 plates of sushi I’ve tried were fresh and generous (beef, salmon, broiled salmon with basil cheese, and scallop). I really liked their hojicha pudding (from hattendo cafe). Their matcha parfait was not bad.

I was also surprised to note that hot green tea was lumped together with other soft drinks and packaged as a $3.50++ free flow drink option. Will probably give this a miss and just go for their free self-service water in the future.

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