Hawker/Chinese/You get me

Hawker/Chinese/You get me

Featuring Hong Lim Market & Food Centre, Malaysia Boleh! (Jurong Point), Kim Keat Hokkien Mee, Ri Ri Hong Mala Xiang Guo (People's Park Complex), Kim Lian Kee (Petaling Street), Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice (Jurong Point), Koufu (Pioneer Mall), Best Coffee Pte Ltd, Traditional Hakka Rice (Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market), Shi Jian Hot Pot (JCube)
Jans pants???
Jans pants???

$4.50 ($4 with white rice). Variety of vegetables given - very filling for one. The 茶 was fragrant too. Other Hakka side dishes available at the stall too.

💳 QR Payment available

My 2nd time at Lai Lai and would go back again! Generous portion, fragrant charsiew and the wonton had substantial amount of filling too! I’ll try the chicken rice the next time.

The soup was fragrant with a little spice. Very generous w the mint leaves, love it. However the noodles were not the traditional kind so a little disappointed.

📍located in the mall Opposite ICA building, level 1

Serving for 1 (一人份). Got the most basic one as we just wanted hot soup on a rainy day. Strong herbal taste in soup, but the meat was slightly tough.
Friendly service at this store! 3 minutes walk from Bangkok Spa.

💰 Breakdown: Dan dan noodle - $11.80 | Szechuan Spicy & sour noodle - $10.80 | Xiao Long Bao - $13.80 | Sheng Jian Bao - $6.80

👍🏻 We loved the Dandan noodle bcos of its peanut sauce w/ a tinge of spiciness. Noodles were tangy and not overcooked :)

Szechuan noodle was too spicy for my liking!
The Sheng Jian Bao was better than expected tho! It doesn’t have the pau texture to it, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.
XLB was normal, but better than Ding Tai Feng’s!

💵 UOB members: $10 discount off $60 spent

The mushroom soup is very flavorful with strong mushroom taste and real mushrooms in it. The mala was too spicy and oily for my liking, won’t order it the next time.

Ingredients came in fairly large portions and were very fresh. There was a wide range to choose from too.

Would definitely be back again for the tomato soup next time.

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(No GST charges!!) First time here, and for the tzechar instead of its chicken rice! The curry fish head’s gravy was thick and fragrant, comparable to the one you’ll have in JB. Really good!!! Recommend you to try!

I ordered with the chicken rice RICE haha, very fragrant!

The other side dishes were up to expectations like other tzechar stalls 😊 not too oily, I like it.

📍Basement of Jurong Point 2
📍Gotta take a queue number, come earlier during dinner time
📍NOC Food King

$30 for 2 pax.

Set A comprises of 1 small bowl of BKT, Youtiao, Tauhuay and 1 rice.

The meat had this strong pork smell which i didn’t like. But soup was peppery enough. Taukee didn’t have much taste to it.

📍Basement of Lot One (Choa Chu Kang Mrt)

$22. We ordered 3 frogs for 2 pax. Very generous serving of porridge. Flavorful and tender meat, spicy level is just nice!! First time here and will be back again :)

We took bus 334 from JE interchange here, alighted at a bus stop that was just 1 min walk away from the food court, super convenient!

$3.50. Handmade, tasty soup, with mushrooms and veg. Very hearty bowl for a rainy afternoon. I like the texture of the kway most, very chewy and thick!

The shop is located on 2nd level of Malaysia boleh, on the left zone beside KL Hokkien Mee!

$42.50. Sharing for 6 - 5 noodles and 1 rice.
小辣 (lowest level of spiciness) and can’t taste much spice.
Go to the stall inside the hawker centre instead of the one that is just right outside, the aunties are friendlier and more reasonable.

We couldn’t finish everything! So it’s quite worth the price! Good for groups during lunch as well.

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This is how the original stall looks like! There’s a restaurant that is round the corner of this, however I heard from local that this is the first stall! 😊

All about that good and worthy meal deals.

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