Ice-Cream, Cakes, Coffee, Desserts

Ice-Cream, Cakes, Coffee, Desserts

Featuring Sunday Folks (Chip Bee Gardens), One Man Coffee (Upper Thomson), Creamier (Toa Payoh Central), Nesuto, Tom's Palette, L'éclair Pâtisserie (Dhoby Ghaut), Merely Ice Cream (Sunshine Plaza), The Daily Scoop (Holland Village), Kindred Folk (KAP), Hollin (Suntec City)
Zhengyu Chua
Zhengyu Chua

Hmm, that ice-cream, yum!

Not for the weak hearted though. Truffle is not prominent, only a faint touch on taste.

Each bite gloriously filled my mouth with silky, slightly pungent, yet ends off with a touch of saltiness. Kind of remind me of sea salt ice cream too. It's an interesting ice cream however it's not the type I would finish in 1 setting.

Texture wise, smooth yet rough. It's complicated 😅

Overall, Delicious and unique.

Should probably goes well on top of a hot brownie that oozes choc in the center, making it a sweet and savoury combo dessert 😋


1-1 with burpple! $10.70 inclusive of a bottle of ice mineral water.
Awesome deal, each plated individually like those masterchef. Stout flavour is present if you don't swallow it immediately.

Another deal we had was parmesan cheese and cracker. Savoury type of ice cream a first for me and definitely will be coming back for more. If feeling too sweet from the waffle + syrup, you can always enjoy the raspberry coulis to suppress it.


Roasted pistachio - have bits of nuts in it. Lovely ice cream, can't have enough! Also can taste a bit of char feelings to it

Matcha Green tea - the standard ones, soft and matcha-y lovely, nice.

Would love to try other flavours as well
Price wise with 1-1 only $4.50, nice!

Chocolate ice cream drizzled with thick gooey chocolate sauce! Will revisit! 👍

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Blueberries cake that came on top of a brownie texture cookie. It it together and feel the burst of flavour coming into you. It's crispy on the top, soft in the middle, and a crunch at the base. A surprise twist yet wonderfully created

Matcha with azuki bean cake, not overly sweet and will not taste jelak as you eat. Great as a cake for most who don't like it too sweet

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Ordered Cocoa Latte and Dirty Mango! Cocoa Latte tasted rich and satisfying! 👍
Jin ho lim

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3 different chocolate origins and darkness % icecreams from 65, 70 & 75. We personally prefer more thick (gao) type but still, good effort.

Brownies are dry on the inside, be sure to mixed with your icecream else we find it too dry... Mocha drink was erm, not that great either.

$14 with 1-1 but chances of coming back are low. There are better ones out there for tummy and pocket.

Nevertheless, funan really has a huge change and removing the "DigitalLife" concept, it literally moved into a Lifestyles for more people who are not there just for the "D"

Great ice cream in the neighbourhood! Will return! 👍

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As per title, its simply chocolate. Every mouthful is filled with creamy goodness of the chocolate which is not that simple to make but simple to eat, that even kids would enjoy.

Waffles was a tad average at best, firm but lack of crispyness which I much fancy

Overall still a good hangout place.

Cost: $7.80
Personal Ratings: 4/5

Fat is flavour

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