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Maureen Yeoh
Maureen Yeoh

What a beautiful bolo bun. A bit pricey and I ate it outside the recommended 20min but still so good.

There was no queue when I went around lunch time on a weekday. It's a nice place with great aesthetics.

The crust was great and the bun was soft and buttery. I would probably top up for extra butter the next I get it since I'm already splurging a little.

Queued about 30min on a Friday at 3pm. Both sandwiches pictured are $12 each and we loved the Fairfax!

Sriracha and beautifully done scrambled eggs. Eggs were really fluffy and well seasoned and the buns were super soft. $12 is definitely not the cheapest for egg sandwiches but I would say it's worth the try! The only thing was the Fairfax was a little messy to eat (but it could be me).

I have always loved duck fat potatoes and it's so hard to find good ones here so I might be biased. I loved the hash browns. My companion felt like they were a little too heavily salted (which I agree slightly). The hash browns were $4.50 a serving.

This was our second favorite dish of the night. I think everything was very well done. It's quite easy to overcook scallops but they did it well. The pairing of the bread, foie gras and scallops went wonderfully together but it wasn't mind blowing.

Still worth a try especially if you love foie gras and scallops.

This dish was everyone's favorite! I would say a must order. Personally my second was the scallion oil noodles.

Social place is a pretty place where there's lots of photo spots and the food and dimsum is really the star and looks amazing. Lots of effort into making each piece which also explains the price. But don't expect the best dimsum around. Still a great place to visit for the gram!

Total scam cos it's nothing like the pictures. Perhaps due to needing to get the dishes out with speed, they no longer 'paint' the characters on but replaced it with an edible paper with the characters printed on it. We know cos if you remove the paper you can actually see the imprint on the mould used to make the jelly.

Not worth ordering imo.

I love this place. Fuss free good food and great prices. I was satisfied for less than $10 here.

I haven't tried the famed halal guys this place is supposedly to feel like but I enjoyed my pitas. Soft pitas and the chicken was juicy and well marinated.

Everything went really well together for this pretty dish. Ice cream was surprisingly good. But then again, Hathaway is not the cheapest brunch place around.

We spent about $70 for 2 pax with 1 main, 1 dessert and 2 coffees.

Very good curry and the fish was cooked well. I enjoyed the dish a lot but felt it's far too small to be a main. The bread went really well with the curry.

Thought that the food there is a tad overpriced but almost every dish was good. So, I guess it's still worth a try?

This was ok. The eggs were small but they were really nice to already cut the sourdough into two before serving us as they knew we were sharing it.

I wish they would warm their bread before serving us though (including the starter they served)

Overall So France had a nice concept, great service but average food at slightly higher price points compared to other cafes around.

It was a pretty good sandwich but we also ordered the Cochon sandwich it was the same bread and ingredients (just the star is different) a bit jelat. I liked the additions of the foie gras but I was expecting it to be like pate styles but it was pan fried in cubes.

If I were to choose, I would choose the cochon sandwich cos I really liked their mustard that came with it. But I’m not the biggest fan of duck around.

Their salads is also the same for all dishes served so things got a bit repetitive.

Overall So France had a nice concept, great service but average food at slightly higher price points compared to other cafes around.

Creme fraiche was yummy. It was a good crepe but I wouldn’t say it’s the best around. A few of my companions mentioned it was weird to have soggy crepes and they preferred slightly crispier ones.

Overall So France had a nice concept, great service but average food at slightly higher price points compared to other cafes around.

This sounded really odd but it’s surprisingly very good. Never had kangkong in a sandwich before but it worked really well. Iirc it’s about $11 for this which is reasonable for brunch


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