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Generic Western

Featuring Meat N' Chill, Scaled by Ah Hua Kelong, The Pelican, The Marmalade Pantry (Oasia Hotel Novena), Otto's Deli Fresh, Cheek Bistro, Morganfield's (VivoCity), Shutters, Poké Lulu (United Square), Harry's (18 Tai Seng)
Yann -
Yann -

Loved this meal!

For starters, the oysters served with smoked tomato was pretty mind blowing - oysters were plump, fresh and so well balanced with the tartness of the tomatoes. The waffle with chicken liver parfait was interesting as well.

Lamb ribs - the lamb ribs were decadent, and the fats were rendered beautifully as it just melted in my mouth. However, i thought the cut had too much fat and would appreciate if there was a higher ratio of meat there is to fat

Hapuka - fresh and flaky!

Really enjoyed this dish as the bisque was flavourful, the pasta was al dente, and the seafood serving was generous! Scallops were nicely seared and not over done :)


This place specialises in seafood and therefore fish is one of their must trys!
The barranmundi is fresh, firm and flaky, which ia great.

Portions are quite small so be prepared to order a starter (&maybe even a drink, the bar there is awesome as well!) Do try out their curry mussels with mantou, that's one of their top hits!

This poke comes in three sizes - small medium large, and the price ranges from $11.90 - $19.50.

The fish is relatively fresh and firm, but what i like most about this place is the seasoning on the fish! Its well balanced with the toppings. There is also a choice between rice/salad as the base.

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The snapper pie is a pelican classic and was really yums! The puff pastry was flakey with a generous amount of fish contained within! The pie filling wasnt overly creamy, which i really appreciated!

The portion size is quite big, would ne good for 2 to share (and maybe get a starter too) if you're not a big eater.

Bonus: 1 for 1 mains on entertainer app!

Didnt think that seaweed and pasta would go well together, but it turned out to be pretty yummy! Added umami taste to a classic aglio olio.
Prawns were fresh so that's a bonus too!

Got it with the entertainer 1 for 1 deal so it was pretty worth it!

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I really liked the onsen egg in the pasta dish, but the overall dish was slightly too creamy for my taste.

The place is really pretty and chill but food is only slightly above average in my opinion!

This burger wasn't served with a beef patty but instead, a slice of beef steak which was really yummy anyway! Foie gras was creamy and yummy.

Its a really quiet restaurant so would be perfect for a date or family dinners where you want to spend quality time with your family members

The meat is tender and tears away from the ribs beautifully! The sides were pretty decent.

This portion is supposed to be good for 3-4 to share, a bit pricey for the amount of meat in my opinion. If you are a huge meat eater, you can consider going for the weekend ribs buffet option at $40 per person!


Everything on the plate complemented each other very well. The beef brisket was nicely smoked and very tasty! The coleslaw was really yummy too as the veges were crisp and not soggy!

It is worth is for $12.90 as there was a generous serving of beef as well.

I loved this dish very much! The fish was flaky and firm, and the parsnip foam was a nice touch. Service was good & prompt, the place also was nicely done up

I think that the novena outlet generally serves better food than the other outlets

Yann -

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