Thai Food in Singapore

Thai Food in Singapore

Good Thai eats that i’ve tried in Singapore so far.
Jonathan Lim
Jonathan Lim

I had a memorable dining experience over at Restaurant Chedi, a contemporary Thai restaurant along Hamilton Road that recently opened its doors.

~miang kham
~nam prik gapi
~gaeng som fak thong
~tom kha gai
~som tam ruam mit
~nam ya goong mang korn
~kor muu yang
~tub tim knob
~Signature khao pad kid terng (add on for $14 per bowl, minimum order 2 bowls)

Every single dish of this menu was superbly executed, where the chefs' deft balance of hot, sour, salty and sweet - the hallmarks of Thai cuisine - really came to the fore! Special mention to the Signature khao pad kid terng too, which was indeed a fried rice to remember! The indulgent rice bowl, which is studded with threadfin (house cured for six months), fresh crabmeat and tobiko, was briny with complex flavours drawn from the sea, and the wok hei was super legit!

Their tasting menu will also be changing throughout the year to offer diners new entry points into Thailand's diverse regional cuisines.


We went to The Original Boat Noodle’s Suntec City outlet to try their food recently:

~Boat Noodle (Pathumthani, Ayutthaya 2.0, Creamy Tomyum & Sweet Kuey Chap - $1.80 per bowl): You can choose between beef and chicken for each bowl, as well as your choice of noodle (rice noodle or springy noodle), with each flavour coming with its own other toppings. My favourite ones were the Pathumthani and Creamy Tomyum!

~Kra Pow Chicken Rice ($10.99): This was pretty decent, but would have enjoyed it more if it was spicer.

~Flame Grilled Ayam Legend ($11.99): This was surprisingly yummy! The skin was crispy while the meat was tender and juicy. It went well with the spicy dipping sauce too!

~Phad Thai ($9.99): Would’ve preferred if this came in a seafood version, as our table was covered in a number of chicken dishes already. Quite an average plate of phad Thai.

~Fried Chicken Skin ($4.99): Crispy and addictive! Definitely can’t stop at just one!

~Hot Steamy Sangkayaa ($5.99) / Cha Yen & Cha Keow Yen (both $4.50): These will definitely satisfy those with a sweet tooth! I like the soft bread with the indulgent sangkayaa!

All their outlets are halal-certified, except their Suntec City outlet that is in the midst of procuring its cert. They don’t use pork or lard in any of their dishes.

We recently had dinner at Tara Thai, a new Thai restaurant-bar located at 7 Circular Road. The food was good, and we had some interesting dishes (ants egg soup anyone?). Here’s what we tried (clockwise from top left):

~King River Prawn Thai Braised Glass Noodles
~BBQ Iberico Pork Jowl
~Stuffed Chicken Wings
~Ants Egg Tom Saap
~Sakoshi Bay Oysters
~Sesame Prawn Toast

The King River Prawn Thai Braised Glass Noodles was our favourite dish, so flavourful and umami laden! As for the other yummy dishes - the BBQ Iberico Pork Jowl was smoky and tender, Stuffed Chicken Wings was juicy & went well with the sauce, Ants Egg Tom Saap was piquant and interesting, Sakoshi Bay Oysters were fresh (with the special sauce making a difference too!) and the Sesame Prawn Toast was fragrant & crispy! We also tried some of their signature cocktails like Tara Signature Tom Yum (both clear & creamy versions) and Spicy Mango Sour. I enjoyed the Creamy Tara Signature Tom Yum, which is mixed with coconut milk.

The ambiance here is lovely too, and is defo a nice spot for an after-work drinks and makan session with your friends or colleagues!


Came across this Thai food stall at Old Airport Road Food Centre when I was there recently, and ordered the Thai Basil Pork Rice with Egg to try for dinner! Wasn’t really expecting much as I hadn’t heard of this stall before, but to my pleasant surprise, this was a pretty solid plate! The basil pork was fragrant and moreish with the right amount of spice that left me wanting more! You can also get this in chicken instead of pork too. I’ll definitely return again to try the other items on the menu.

~Thai Wanton Noodle ($5.50): Can’t go wrong with their signature dish! I like the springy texture of the noodles, and the overall flavour after mixing up the ingredients! Highly recommend adding on more pork lard, and some chilli flakes for even more shiok-ness!

~Pork Knuckle Noodle ($6): The pork knuckle was really tender and well braised! Uses the same noodles as the Thai wanton noodle.

~Tom Yum Kuay Teow Soup ($5): Wished the Tom yum flavour was more robust / spicier! The kuay teow was not bad though, had a nice silky texture.

This was really sumptuous! It’s crunchy and seasoned with a nice garlicky flavour! Must order as a side dish to share or even all for yourself!

Was craving for some boat noodles and decided to look online for some recommendations and found this place, which serves boat noodles at only 80 cents per bowl!

There are 2 choices of soup here - Red Tom Yum & Herb Boat Noodle Soup! Both were good, but the Red Tom Yum soup stands out more with its spice and robustness! You can also choose from 2 types of noodles (glass noodles / rice noodles), as well as choice of topping (prawn, beef ball, beef slice, pork ball, pork liver, pork slice). My favourite / recommended combo is the red tom yum soup w/ glass noodles & pork ball! Really addictive, and if you’re not ‘careful’, you might just keep ordering and ordering! 😂

Do you dare to challenge the heat? Heat being the spice from Dramaqueen Chilli SG Thai Crispy Chillies! I got sent 5 different flavours (Truffle, Tom Yum, Extremely Spicy, Mild, and Larb) to try and I must say they aren’t for the faint hearted! Even Mild left me sweating already, and my spice tolerance is usually quite high 😅. My favourite flavour has to be Tom Yum – the tangy and fragrant herbs added to the crispy fried chilli and garlic elevate the aroma and taste of this Crispy Chilli to another level! Special mention goes to the Truffle flavour as well for its unique taste and appetising aroma. You can visit their website at to find out more about their products.

Check out the delectable spread of food that we ordered for lunch yesterday from Uncle Leaw Thai Food, a home based business selling Thai seafood dishes! Here’s what we had:

~Steamed Crab w/ Milk
~Seabass Fish w/ Lime Sauce
~Scrambled Eggs Crab Meat w/ Rice

Overall, we felt the standard and quality of their food were really impressive! In fact, my mum was really surprised when I told her they were home based, as she felt the food was restaurant quality, which we all agreed! My favourite dish was the Steamed Crab with Milk; the meat was sweet and succulent, and if you’re a fan of crab roe, you’ll definitely love their crabs! The other seafood dishes like Seabass Fish w/ Lime Sauce (the sauce was so appetising!) and Cockles were all really fresh, while the Scrambled Eggs Crab Meat w/ Rice was tasty as well! Oh ya, I also wanna highlight how solid their chilli sauce was too - so spicy and addictive that it elevated the overall taste of the dishes when dipped together!

If you’re interested, you can DM them (IG/FB) for more info or order via

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Located in a coffeeshop along Upper Boon Keng Road (just a few minutes walk from Kallang Mrt) is Pratunam 水門, a food stall that serves a range of Thai street food like Pig’s Trotters Rice, Thai Style Kway Chap and more!

We tried a few of their dishes and my favourite was the Pig’s Trotters Rice! The pig’s trotters was braised really well, and the meat was tender and full of collagen too! The portion was also really generous, which made this a really value for money dish!


Besides their steel pot vermicelli, I’d highly recommend ordering the Moo Ping! Each piece of grilled pork is so damn juicy and flavourful that 1 is not enough! Very addictive!

I still remember how blown away I was when I had my first taste of Alvin’s (the owner) vermicelli; the aromatic, peppery and flavourful taste was so memorable that I constantly had cravings for it (even now as I’m typing this 😂🤭)! Each pot of vermicelli comes with a variety of fresh and succulent seafood options like prawns, crab, scallops, clams and even Boston lobster! My favourite will have to be the one with Tiger Prawns as featured here; so huge and fresh! Remember to pair it with their homemade chilli too, so so good!

All I can say is Shrimp Prawn Seafood is a must visit if you’re a seafood lover or a lover of food in general, if not you’re really missing out!They are truly a deserving winner of the Singapore Food Masters 2020 (Central Zone) Award!

Constantly on the hunt for good eats! Instagram & TikTok: @jonnyboyeats

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