Featuring Tanuki Raw (Orchard Central), Koh Grill & Sushi Bar (Wisma Atria), Rakki Bowl, Tendon Kohaku (Suntec City), Hana Restaurant, Tamoya Udon (Plaza Singapura), Beef Sukiyaki Don Keisuke, Chirashi King Kong (Tanjong Pagar Plaza), Idaten Udon (CityLink Mall), Menya Musashi (VivoCity)
Eustacia Tan
Eustacia Tan

Tried the course menu for 2 people and it was A LOT of food. Apart from the yakitori (including mushroom yakitori not in this pic) and salmon sashimi, there was also:

- hotpot (not super impressive tbh, but okay this place is famous for yakitori not nabe)
- rice (tastes like garlic rice, made us very thirsty after eating)
- grilled fish
- anko with mochi dessert

Food is served in stages so we weren’t overloaded by the quantity.

We were really full by the end of this, but I might not opt for this in the future - mostly because I prefer the yakitori and a lot of this course was not!

Brought a friend who was missing Japanese food here and she loved everything! In particular, the grilled mentaiko was very good - I don’t really see mentaiko that is not mentaiko sauce so this was a pleasant surprise. The pork was also very good; it melts in the mouth!

Price-wise, this is quite reasonable. It’s about 30 per person when we ordered everything (maybe about 4 dishes and 2 rice?) ala carte to share.

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It’s always a good sign when a shop really specialises in something. Had the beef sukiyaki Don ($14.90) and it was very good - the beef was tender and cooked to the done-ness I wanted, the portion sizes are big, and the sides were tasty.

This place is a small, so everyone in your group needs to be here to be seated, something to note if you have friends who might be late.

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I’ve come here twice and have been satisfied both times! Ordered the truffle Chirashi Don (pictured) and the Kaki Chirashi don and found the sashimi to be fresh both times. Portion sizes are quite big too - each don comes with salad and miso soup.

The shop isn’t very big, so expect a bit of a wait if you come here during peak period. On the bright side, you can order your food while waiting, so you’ll be served very quickly once you are seated.

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Have been here several times and have always been happy with the taste of the food (the curry is spicier than in Japan but that’s to be expected). Apart from yakitori, there’s a good selection of donburi and side dishes.

The restaurant is always crowded but it’s easy to get a seat, especially if you come alone. This place is also popular with Japanese people, a good sign that the food is authentic (:

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Tried the $58 omakase. We arrived around 8pm and the waitress asked if they could serve us a bit faster than usual since the last order is at 9pm. We ended up finishing in an hour but didn’t feel rushed.

my three favourite dishes of this omakase were:

- mentaiko lobster: loved the mentaiko sauce. Wish this came with something to help dig the meat out, and wish the meat was more moist but overall really liked this!
- beef tenderloin: well flavoured, tender and juicy
- truffle yellowtail sushi: truffle was distinct and well balanced with the taste of the fish

Overall, we were really happy with our experience!

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Can’t really tell what’s so special about the pork 🙈🙈🙈 but the tonkatsu was crispy and the curry flavourful. I liked that there was enough curry for all the rice.

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Really enjoyed the Unagi Don here! There’s also a good selection of Izakaya food - the yakitori was nice and it was fun to try Tako Wasa (octopus sashimi with wasabi). We appreciated the welcome sake as well

A regular truffle been donburi is $28, but it’s also included in the Burpple 1 for 1, which makes it super worth it. The beef is tender, the sauce is delicious, the egg was cooked perfectly, and I also really liked the foie gras and caviar too.

In terms of drinks, my friend and I enjoyed:
- Crope Crop: a grape-based liquor that tastes like grape candy
- Rien: Japanese pear liquor that was light and really tasted like pears
- Sparkling Sake: sweet and like a white wine.

Would definitely go back again!

Came here for the first time to try the shiok Maki. Was pretty surprised at the queue on a weekday (definitely recommend making a reservation) but the food arrived promptly. Shiok maki was shiok, as expected, and we enjoyed the agedashi tofu and maguro tataki as well.

The food was great - soup was flavourful, noodles were springy, and there was a decent helping of meat. I really enjoyed it.

Not pictured but I went with friends and they had the truffle Tonkotsu udon (really strong truffle taste) and we shared some tempura (crispy, not too oily, overall delicious). Overall, we thought the food was worth it

Really enjoyed this! The scallops were fresh and went very well with the sauce on top. There are only two pieces of scallop, but they’re fairly big and sliced into several pieces. The rice was, as usual, excellent. I think my favourite is still the salmon mentaiko, but that’s because I’m a big fan of mentaiko in general.

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Give me all the tea (and sweets and Japanese food)

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