Superb lard-y noodle mix with perfectly roasted fatty char siew. The wantons that came tgt in the soup was great too! Good bite and chock full of ingredients.

Slightly on the pricey side ($6), considering the ulu location. The queue is rather slow moving as well (probably lots of takeaway orders) so we waited for 30+mins although we reached early (11.15?)

The replacement of green jelly with coconut white jelly in the chendol was a refreshing change! The durian is abit too sweet and tastes very slightly artificial (to me as an avid real durian lover) so I would skip it next time. Otherwise really enjoyed this dessert, thought it was a great take on chendol!

Got this from the cloud kitchen at Serangoon Gardens. This was good but not really worth the hefty price :( the Laksa gravy was very lemak, full bodied and well balanced, but given that Katong laksa is almost a quarter the price they really can’t justify charging $19 for a bowl of takeaway Laksa. The ingredients are probably meant to elevate the Laksa, but the prawns were over cooked and quite hard.

The soup was good, full-bodied and not too peppery!! The pork ribs in the Popularity BKT were abit tough and dry :(

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Super worth for mala IMO!!! Set A is the cheapest set, you can choose 5veg! As their mala is abit too spicy for me (😅), I usually get the non-spicy HAHA and it’s fried really well in a garlicky sauce!

Very flavourful broth, which I think is the most important part of Pao fan!! The flossy egg is also amazing and adds texture and flavour to the dish!!

Grew up with this oyster omelette so this always tastes like childhood to me!! I highly recommend it, I think that it’s a super well cooked omelette, crispy on the edges and really fluffy in the middle. Apparently this is done by pouring the eggs through a sieve? It’s also topped with sliced ginger to complement/counter the fishy-ness of the oysters.

Does this even need any introduction?? Or a review?? We all know yakun does kaya toast best - extra thin toast, extra generous butter, great kaya (just wish they could be more generous with the kaya)


Just had candlenut so I couldn’t help but compare. Folklore’s rendition was very generous with the buah keluak, but slightly lacking in the quintessential saltiness that defines the traditional buah keluak dish. Abit more eggy and garlicky than candlenut’s too.

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BEST mjk EVER!!! The buttery molten peanut butter that they smother on the peanut mjk makes this AMAZING. When it’s freshly made, the insides are soft and almost melds together with the peanut butter. It’s good when it’s cooled too


Hidden gem in Far East plaza - I love this place so much that I was tempted not to share the location. It’s a pretty understated place but the quality is amazing and it has quickly become one of my go-to places for affordable food in town. The prawns are live and sourced daily, so they’re Super fresh and usually a little bigger than this!!! If you’re into bayou (pork lard), this white bee Hoon will be right up your alley.

Was pleasantly surprised by how balanced the tomato sauce was: it was sweet but not cloyingly so, and the vinegar (I’m assuming from taste) in the sauce helped cut through the sweetness, resulting in a well balanced savoury tomato sauce.


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