Great Food, Good Food, Okay Food

Great Food, Good Food, Okay Food

Featuring Cake Spade, Saveur (Purvis Street), Potato Head Singapore, The Hangar, Ah Loy Thai, Revelry, Fatboy's The Burger Bar (Upper Thomson), Zhong Guo La Mian Xiao Long Bao (Chinatown Complex), Chili's (Clarke Quay Central), Swensen's (Clementi Mall)
Komal Salve
Komal Salve

Loved it! Made with corn masa (not the same as corn flour but something like it), pulled chicken, refried beans, cheese and pickled onions. This was delightful! Something new that I'd never tried.
Described as traditional Central & Southern Mexican street food, this tasted as great as it looks. For $12, this was super filling for finger food.
Got a jug of margarita for $50 which went so well with all the food.
I'd love to get back here!

Probably the most disappointing plate on the table, mostly cos of the price. So not worth nine bucks. That sauce had a weirdly fruity taste. Imagine mayo with fruit flavour... The falafel balls seemed a little raw in the middle

Creamy and fragrant soup which tasted like a healthier version of normal laksa. The faux prawns were good and not too chewy like the "fishballs". I did feel like I should have ordered something else...

This angel hair pasta was a decent starter but the price tag makes it a little painful cos it wasn't exactly worth-it I feel. The truffle taste and scent was faint.

This beef wellington-esque dish was a first for me. Quite underwhelming. The beef was tough...i had to saw through it at times. The sauce was salty with not much flavour. The glazed carrots and pastry was the best part of the dish.

The Chunky Cheesy was pretty decent. Not exactly filling but a good try and a great deal with Beyond.

Great deal with Burpple Beyond! Got two sets with the deal and helped to save a few bucks. This was the Chunky's Connecticut. Thick lobster claws in a buttery bun. Pretty decent.

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Chicken was well-marinated and tender. The sous vide egg was the only thing making the the bowl less dry. Could have used a little bit of sauce? Maybe teriyaki? It's still worth the money

Pretty basic linguine in a laska sauce with prawns, squid and mussels. A little lacklustre for me. Could do with a little more flavour or spice

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This is a large pizza which is 2 halves of whichever two flavours from the menu - Salted Egg Prawn + Lychee Smoked Duck. I preferred the duck since I prefer the slightly sweet and savoury flavours. Got a little soggy in the middle tho


Tasted like the kind of tea u make with a Lipton tea bag in water with cream/milk. Disappointed. The toppings were nice tho. Black n golden pearls and red bean. $3.80 for M size.

So horrible. Worst fast food burger I've EVER had. What a weird concoction of spices ... Wayyyy too sweet, way too minty hot and just ...not right. There was a crunch of the sugar which was so despicable. First bite was difficult to chew or swallow. It burnt my tongue but not in a spicy was the minty hotness. Extremely unusual. I scraped off the mountain of "mala" chilli paste off the two patties to try to finish my meal as I was starving! Even so, I couldn't eat another bite and had to throw it away. I felt so guilty but it was really inedible.
$6.80 for doubles meal. Comes with fries and drink.

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