Sweet Treats, SG

Sweet Treats, SG

Featuring Creamier Handcrafted Ice Cream and Coffee (Toa Payoh), Meet & Melt (Tampines), Beyond Pancakes (Marina Square), Brownice Italian Vegan (East Coast Road)
Hajar Isa
Hajar Isa

The black charcoal toast was slightly denser and drier than the original toast. Honestly, I’d suggest you to opt for the Original toast instead.

The mentaiko was lightly torched on the surface of the toast, coupled with mentaiko mayonnaise in the lava fillings, which surprisingly wasn’t jelak at all. But one thing for sure, it was addictive enough for me to wipe the brioche across the lava to soak up all that goodness.

Price: $15.90+

Creamier is one of my favourite place to get my waffles and ice-cream cravings fix! They offers a huge selection of ice-cream flavours and their waffles are usually served crispy and hot, drizzled with honey and chocolate sauce and topped with the ice-cream of your choice.

It's my first time trying out their Hazelnut Milk Chocolate and to my surprise, it tasted exactly like a blended version of kinder bueno and ferrero rocher! Their Sea Salt Gula Melaka never fails to disappoint me.

I went during their peak hours and it took them a while to serve my waffles, which was surprisingly cold and not crispy. Felt like it was made beforehand and was left out in room temperature before being served to me. Maybe it was just my unlucky day? Nevertheless I'm definitely coming back for their ice-cream 😋

Price: $3.50 (single scoop) / $6 (double scoop)
$13 (2 waffles + 2 scoops of ice-cream)


When I first heard about this bistro, I was pretty skeptical.... ice creams made from organic brown rice and other plant based ingredients? Hmm 🤔

And just like any other ice cream parlours, you can sample their ice cream before making your decision. I highly recommend their Matcha, Gula Melaka and Black Sesame flavours! The match taste was strong and flavourful. It's hard to believe that there's no dairy found in all the ice cream here, yet they all taste like normal ice cream but just a little diluted compare to gelato.

Fun fact: each scoop of Brownice Ice Cream consists of a maximum of 150 calories which is 1/3 lesser calories than other ice cream out in the market. And it contains only 3% fat.

Price: $4 with cone


"A mountain of their signature sweet nachos served with blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, peach, pineapples, raisins, almonds, strawberry sauce, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream and maple syrup."

It's my first time having pannenkoek, which is a large Dutch pancake, in a form of crispy nachos and I think it's worth a try! Definitely a dish meant to be shared among 2-4 pax as you'll get "jelak" of it after a while.

Price: $13.90

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Green tea lovers, you wouldn't want to miss this!

This is definitely not your regular typical toast bread, they use charcoal toast which I was pretty skeptical about in the first place. I couldn't gather the thought of two strong individuals flavours - matcha green tea and charcoal - being infused into one, but this dish surprisingly managed to pull it off. When the green tea lava oozed out of the toast like a volcano eruption, my heart melts! The combination of the two flavours gave off a unique bitter aftertaste to my tastebuds.

The sauce came out a bit watery in my opinion. Would prefer it to be thicker and with a stronger match green tea flavour. Definitely instagram and ig stories worthy one! DAMN SHIOK!

Can be shared among 2-4 pax.
But if you're a green tea lover like me, I recommend you eat and nua by yourself.

Price: S$14.90.

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Hazelnut lovers will LOVE this. Personally I'm not a fan of nuts but I felt that this deserves a shot.

Toast comes with one piece of ferrero rocher chocolate and served with chocolate ice-cream and two pieces of chocolate stick wafers. Overall, I felt that this dish was a bit too sweet for my liking - the combination of caramel and chocolate sauce was too much for me. It was way too rich but then again, it's just my preference.

Anyway, do note that toast does not have any fillings inside. (I was damn disappointed, but partially my fault too for assuming lol)

Perfect to be shared among 2-4 pax.

Price: $14.90

A pro napper and a foodie who finds joy in adding tobasco/chilli padi/any-form-of-spice to her food.

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