Sweets For My Sweet Tooth

Sweets For My Sweet Tooth

Featuring Sunday Folks (Chip Bee Gardens), Matchaya (Icon Village), Plain Vanilla (Tiong Bahru), HEYTEA (ION Orchard), Tippling Club, After You Dessert Café (Siam Square One), FOC PIM PAM, LE Cafe Confectionary & Pastry (Mackenzie Road), Ciel Pâtisserie, Fat Lulu's
Nic Lovesfood
Nic Lovesfood

Step away Krispy Kreme. For someone who never liked doughnuts, these artisanal brioche filled bombs were AMAZING!!!

Went back 2 days in a row because it just wasn’t enough!

Must try:
Creme brûlée
Banana Cream
Peanut Butter Jam
Pistachio Ganache

Love 😍😋 all!!!

I must say this cup is quite different from what the rest of the tea shops has. The pearls are softer and the brown sugar complements the fresh milk in a caramelised sweetness.


Been 1+ year since my last visit. The same as the last time, there was nothing much to complain about any dishes as they were all very exquisitely prepared.

The conclusion seems to be consistent good food but nothing particularly outstanding.

Still a great place to dine with a great ambience.

Let me be very frank. This looks better than it taste! It was an occasion cake.


Not only does it look so pretty, it taste so good! As with all their tarts! Crisp and buttery tart shells with fresh fruits that is just sweet enough naturally by the fruits!


At Level 1 of Siam Paragon, I walked past and saw this incredibly cute durian mousse cake. I just had to snap this.

Unfortunately, am not a fan of durian. Seems like it’s the durian season now so if you happen to be heading up north, enjoy!

Pat G. Where you can always have great tarts and desserts!

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A lover of cheesecakes and cheese tarts, I knew I had to try this when I found out they were opening in Singapore.

The cheese filling is creamy yet fluffy, not cloying or dense. All it took was 30 seconds to devour a mini Pablo. The crust has a crisp texture even after refrigerated for a few hours.

Compared to Bake's cheese tarts, Bake's come across a little cheesier that Pablo's so it a matter of personal preference.

Crust wise, I think I still prefer Bake's better.

Overall, a good cheese tart. But I would not queue for hours to eat this. If the queue for Bake's gets diverted here, I'll happily get mine from Bake.

Priced at $3.80 per mini. Do try the green tea and chocolate too!

Pay for my own meals.

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