Good morning! I'm a coffee person
Joleen Chong
Joleen Chong

Omo how cute are those drinks as energy boosters .

Vast array of drink options.But since some of them are unique, you either love it or hate it .
Think about honey matcha latte, Earl grey latte , Taro latte?!
Hehe, I shall continue sipping my norm Iced Mocha still .

Dig into the amazing Matcha Mont Blanc at JW360 with the rich, bittersweet matcha taste hitting me first before ending off with a nutty, earthy note on the buttery pie base .

BUT I felt jelak within a few bites...

Eating my GREENS right with the the intense bittersweet matcha lingering on my palate while savoring the different layers of sponge cake, crumbles and passion fruit jam.

One of the few desserts which I adore but I wouldnt say it lives up to its extravagant price tag

DONT be misled by the faint and unattractive colours because they are definitely worth the travel and money. I will gladly have 2 scoops and moreeee


YAY so since Cereal citizen has arrived at the market on wheels at Bedok, this save me a trip from travelling all the way for this cute, pretty and insta-worthy Unicorn Crododo that cost me an arm and a leg at $8. I think i can eat a lot of food at the hawker nearby.

OKAY ANW, so what's Crododo? It's a crossaint in the shape of a donut and it's super
SWEET UNTIL CANNOT TAHAN SO MUST SHARE AH. But the crossaint was legit buay pai but I would rather just pay for a norm crossaint that is more buttery, flaky and MOST IMPORTANTLY CHEAPER

Nestled interestingly at a lift lobby, making use of every inch of the available space! What a smart move to save on rental fee? Although, it was mentioned on the board that their paying system is solely by tips with recommended prices on the board, I was told to paid 7 bucks which was reasonable with my 1 for 1 deal thanks to burpple beyond! I would say its a cup of great coffee which is a bit heavier bodied, chocolaty with gentle acidity. As for if its priced reasonably, I would leave you guys to judge.

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Botanic Gardens MRT: Ice cream , Waffles or Brunch till 4pm ?
Brunch: Over-cooked but the runny yolk was perfect
Waffles : Slightly crisp edges but dense
Ice cream : highly recommended esp matcha and roasted sesame (guilty indulgence)

Is it practically the entire menu of the cafe scribbled on the blackboard ? Opened just a stone's away from Fatcat ice cream bar with similar menu offerings but it seems kinda more spacious. Appearance was definitely a let down , and their flavours tend to be lightly sweetened, more faint (healthier choice), definitely not for those sweet tooth lovers 🍬 brunch menu coming soon in May so look out for it in their insta updates


Opt for the savoury option for waffles instead of the usual dessert kind. Additional Plus point would be the crispy ,marinated shrimp paste flavour boneless chicken leg. However once is enough! And it's always better to share the calories with a buddy.

SERIOUSLY who could resist succulent scallop that is pure seafood paradise in your mouth as you pair with your favourite carbo base. The scallops tasted so flavourful, slightly sweet that you just wish there was more on your plate, especially so for the Baby scallops topped on mentaiko pasta. Oh ya and the royal matcha latte is just soooo 'instagrammable' when there's 3 layers , something alike to recent Starbucks matcha&espresso fusion? Okay nuff said, I gonna dig in now πŸ˜‚

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Differs from the usual brunch that is usually served in cafes . Modern local food is more of their speciality as they tweet their recipe to meet the growing demands of photogenic customer crowd. Nasi Lemak set for 2 have Six different ingredients for you to accompany with the fragrant coconut rice. Addictive luncheon chips πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» is my favourite choice followed by the curry potatoesπŸ˜‚


Flaky and buttery croissant paired along with the bowl of goodness containing poached egg, mushroom, potato hash, etc ! The salted egg tofu stick was a disappointment though it's a healthier choice as compared to French fries since the salted egg sauce is hardly detectable. Was hopping for MORE sauce as well to pair with the plain tofu sticks. Overall the service was pleasant πŸ‘πŸ»

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