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Jasmine Shen
Jasmine Shen

A little gem at Fortune Centre selling traditional Chinese desserts, friendly & heart warming shop owners, rustic old school decorations fills up the every nook & cranny of the shop. A place to revisit again & again.

Had their orh nee, and really love it. comes in $3/$5.50. $3 portion is just nice, the texture is smooth & dense and its not as sweet as the other shops Ive tasted.

My friends have their barley beancurd w/ tang yuan, cheng tng, both are equally as good! Not as sweet too.

The shop also sells savoury menu such as chee cheong fun, noodles etc.


Yat Ka Yan
Price: ⭐️⭐️
Vibe: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Service: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Interior, vibe: 3/5
Price: $
Food: $$$

51 Kopitiam seemed like it was renovated, cleaner & brighter. Situated in Jalan Besar.

The satay was sold as a side food item in a prawn mee shop. 70cents/stick. It was good.

Ice jelly drink $2, from the drink stall. Quite a substantial amt for the price. Is a good thirst quencher, you’re welcome 😉

Interior, vibe: 3/5
Price: 3.5/5
Food: 4/5

Hokkien mee was good & towards the wetter type. Fresh seafood, chilli can be spicier. The oyster egg is normal, can give it a miss. Satay was good! There are other stalls, like the indian food, beef noodles. Drink stall serves craft beers.

Hokkien mee: 4/5
Oyster egg: 2/5
Satay: 3.5/5

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I love boiled prawns so that explains this photo. Such Succulent crunchy fresh prawns, Im in love😍
Whereas the crayfish meat is abit tough but chewy.

Thin cut bite sized Salmon Sashimi is fresh too.
The steamed white chicken oh-so-succulent juicy tender, if there is the chicken rice chilli, it’d be perrrrfect.

Double boiled chicken soup with snow pear, white fungus & apple, im so in love, I drank 3 bowls. So good, comfort soup in a freezing cold restaurant.

Had a hearty dinner and its recommended to go! ($98++)

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A new kid on the block brings you authentic Taiwanese braised pork rice! The bits of braised pork & rice brought me back to Taiwan immediately. Oh gosh, I could just keep on devouring it! Will come back for tasty lu rou fan 😍

There’s also oyster intestine meesua, a few side dishes & bubble milk tea. But the star, is really the braised pork rice! ($3.50)

Friendly staff, nice environment, classroom themed interior. It is kiap in btw 2 cafes! What a strategic location.


The only store which sells only spinach soup. Who says healthy food doesnt taste good! Long queues during lunch hour, friendly vendor, rmb to queue on the left and wait on the right for your soup!

(B) Spinach Soup has spinach, sliced mushrooms, marinated minced meat, cubes of salted egg, century egg & wolfberries. Very flavorful soup too. Theres a list of carbo you can pair it with your soup too. This is one of the few marinated minced meat I will eat it all! And top it with chilli padi to make it even tastier! ($4)


Soft kway in hot steamy soup & customizable plate of porky meat, skin, tripe, chitterlings, soaked in long hours of gravy, can you even taste it now? Comfort food of all times! Friendly & hardworking vendors too. Come with time to wait, 45mins - 1.5hrs. Netflix & chill at the kopitiam or just do people watching. ($11 for 2 pax)

Its you-mian dry, with meatballs, minced meat, fried onions, all you get to do is to add tons of fried chilli. The chilli gets saltier whn you add a lot, rather to spiciness. the chilli kick is not there. And its really really dry.. luckily it comes with soup! Bowl is big, but portion is small. ($5)

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Newly opened Lok lok, fried or broiled! Based at the east side of SG kopitiam, its surely crowded during dinner time. The fried broccoli reminds me of the loklok street stalls in JB, such awesome fried stuff! Love it! 1 stick @ $1! Excluding seafood. Damage done here $44 for 3 people.


Rice, curry vege slapped with lotsa curry is le best comfort food. The first mouthful is oomphs , ask for less rice if you arent a carb eater & more curry pleasse! ($3.50)


Comfort food errday when my office was just next to this old school coffeeshop. Mrs Mohgan still rmbs me when I patronise their stall every now and then. The texture of their pratas is sedap & crispy! But waiting time now can be up to 30-45mins as they are getting more popular!

Bring a portable fan if you are afraid of the heat! The teh-o bing in the coffeeshop used to be way nicer than what they make now. Prata & teh-o bing is my regular order when i patronise!


Milk tea is light in flavor, very comforting on a rainy day. Would come back for more! Nice atmosphere with friendly staff with indoor & outdoor seatings. $1.30

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