Before we start to toss this beautiful myriad of colours everywhere, we need to say auspicious wishes while adding the abalones, sauces and crackers.

Not sure about the "correct" sequence or wishes but we usually do it free style! So here's what i say:

Abalone - 年年有余
Oil - 顺顺利利
Plum - 大吉大利
Honey - 甜甜蜜蜜
Pepper (red and green sachets) - 鸿运当头、青春永驻
Peanut - 岁岁平安
Sesame - 子孙满堂
Cracker - 遍地黄金
And instead of the usually "1, 2, 3" try shouting "HUAT AH!" to start the toss. People will usually follow suit!

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My love for potato gratin is irreplaceable. I lole toast too! Presenting to you my potato gratin toastie!

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Made my own tuna egg mayo

Because sweet dreams are made up of food. #saysme

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Making sushi (candy) with @pomelow 😁
Check out our ikura sushi! Cuteness overload!

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Japanese Curry

Embarked on my curry cooking journey this afternoon. 🍛 Presenting to you le thick savoury Japanese Curry loaded with chunks of tender chicken thigh, potatoes and carrots.

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Yam Abacus Seeds - An authentic Hakka dish whipped up from scratch by grandma!

From mashing of pipping hot steamed yam and mixing them with tapioca flour to frying the bite-size goodness with dried shrimps, cuttlefish, minced meat and black fungus etc.

Atap seeds banana graham parfait!

Not as pretty as I hope it'll turn out to be but it's okay.
Still yummy!!

🍵 自制抹茶可丽饼
Homemade Matcha Mille Crepe

Spaghetti with Tomato Cream Sauce
Made my favourite spaghetti sauce from scratch. Tomato cream sauce ftw!

Rich, creamy and tangy just the way I like!
Granny couldn't take too much sugar. Thus, only a little has been added. I adore sour food so it's perfect for us.

Unicorns eat flowers and poop rainbow cupcakes Http://

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