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Brian Xavier
Brian Xavier

Even when thoroughly mixed, the brown sugar taste stays pronounced, which is something I find essential to any BSFM beverage. Also really happy it has kept its promotional price of this very drink going since the day I discovered it. 😁


Was supposed to expect the food to take some time to be made, but instead it was ready pretty swiftly. The star of the dish is none other than the fried smashed chicken that glistens in vibrant orange (my favourite colour just fyi). The chicken is VERY tender and comes off the bone surprisingly easy. The skin is crisp while the meat is succulent and tasty, so much so that I pretty much forgot about the presence of the chili sauce. πŸ˜‹ The dish is accompanied with crispy batter generously topped over the chicken, white rice, a side of vegetables and tempe, along with a bowl of soup which I personally enjoyed despite feeling like my health was at stake due to the oiliness of it. 😨

I must say, this very plate of Ayam Penyet definitely impressed me a lot; that chicken is a stunner, both appearance and taste wise. Definitely worth checking out when you're in the area!

Cooked to a vibrant pinkish hue, the heartily portioned, juicy signature Dry Aged Bone-in Ribeye ($19/100g, min order of 400g) is aged for at least 30 days in the restaurant. It is served on a tray that's sent straight to your table and cut into strips before being served. Each piece is juicy and flavourful due to natural enzymes breaking down during the aging process, and I personally feel the meat doesn't require additional sauces to pair with. πŸ˜‹

With an unbeatable price for such a cut of steak, along with other offerings on the menu here, this is one fancy restaurant you could be at for a fulfilling dinner with loved ones or for a special ocassion. πŸ₯°

Thank you @theranchbyastons for the tasting spread and @sugarylink for hosting! πŸ™πŸ»

@berthold.delikatessen does a nice job with theirs, pleasantly decorated with tear-shaped meringue that's sweet and soft like a roasted marshmallow, seated atop the citrusy filling. Encased within a sturdy tart base, this piece of dessert certainly did its job in keeping me full with contentment! πŸ˜‹

All cakes and tarts here are $8, but ALL the desserts I enjoyed here were scored at 50% thanks to an ongoing promotion that starts from 8pm till closing. Always a brilliant reason to have cake after a long day! πŸ˜‰

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Adopting a retro-futuristic design, expect to find elements of Singapore and TBB coming together on the fun pop-up mural wall (artfully done by Melvin Ong of BetaBeta) featured exclusively in this outlet!

Exclusive to the Funan branch is the Porkcast Pie Croissant ($8.90), a diamond-shaped, savoury pork cheek rendang with a homemade rempah that's lip-smacking good and slightly spicy, encrusted within TBB's signature flaky and buttery croissant. πŸ˜‹

Also exclusive to here is the Ham Chim Peng Kouign Amann ($5), or otherwise known as Chinese fried doughnut; made with a five-spice butter and topped with black and white sesame seeds over a Breton cake (meaning cake-butter), this is somewhat of a saltier, perhaps tad sweeter as well, rendition of the bakery cafe's beloved original Kouign Amann. πŸ₯°

Whether you're coming down to enjoy the 'classics' (such as the famed croissants) or to experience something different, or simply to relax over coffee and chit-chat or get some work done, Tiong Bahru Bakery at Funan is definitely the ideal space you should be checking out!

This is part of a tasting event hosted by @tiongbahrubakery and @jillyeats. πŸ™πŸ»

The Fresh Milk with Brown Sugar Bubble ($5), at 100% sugar level (because I judge people who order below a hundred for BSFM πŸ€”) is reasonably sweet with a strong brown sugar flavour from the syrup, and blends well with the milk, retaining that delicious brown sugary taste I'd expect in any brown sugar milk beverage I have. Pearls are more on the chewy rather than soft side, although the bite is rather enjoyable anyhow, and they don't really taste of much, but that can be overlooked considering the sweetness of the boba drink itself! Price is a little steep, but I guess a treat every once in a while after a busy school or work week shouldn't be too bad an excuse to enjoy this. πŸ˜‰


The Black Sesame Warabimochi Parfait makes for a perfect alternative option if you're not feeling the green. Kurogoma taste is definitely rich - possibly more intense than their green tea products if I should say so myself - possessing a nutty, earthy and semi-sweet flavour, contrasting nicely with the kinako warabimochi, among other components such as cornflakes and cream.

What better way to satisfy those Japanese dessert cravings than at Nana's Green Tea with their extravagant and diverse variety of sweet selections as well as savoury food too, now open at @japanfoodtown at @wismaatria!

This is part of a tasting hosted by @nanasgreenteasingapore. πŸ™πŸ»

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With a focus on flavoured rice dishes and customisable orders, don't be fooled into thinking that this is yet another healthy rice bowl concept; those familiar with Birdfolks will be happy to know that they have brought over their tantalising five spice fried chicken which manages to retain its crispness and flavour even after a long time of picture taking! 😁

The rice comes in the following flavours: garlic butter, tomato oregano, cilantro lime and regular chicken rice; my favourite would be the former with its fragrant buttery taste. Cilantro lime is also pretty distinctive in taste, so if you like the herb, you would surely enjoy that! πŸ™‚

While the fried chicken is, to me, the sure fire star protein of the menu, the grilled chicken and duck are pretty delicious too! Vegetarians, fret not for tofu is also an available protein option! I'd highly recommend the deep fried enoki mushrooms too which are crisp and soooo good! Don't forget to pick a sauce to accompany your dish: from teriyaki to roasted sesame or spocy hot devil to 'lao gan ma' chili! πŸ˜‹

Prices start from $9.90 for a regular portion inclusive of 1 protein, affordable and substantial enough for an ideal dine-in or takeaway meal. πŸ‘πŸ» Thank you @paddyfolks for the food and warm hospitality, and @darr3n0ng for the tasting invite! πŸ™πŸ»


Had the privilege of checking out @my_nonnas, a cafe at SUTD which serves primarily home-style Italian fare at very affordable prices - I kid you not. Helmed by Geri, the lady boss with a big heart and a witty sense of humour, the cafe focuses on engaging people with special needs, enabling them to grow a sense of independence and self-worth through service, and it was really heartening and definitely put a huge smile on my face to observe as the cheerful servers worked. 😊 Food-wise, I'm thoroughly impressed too - here are some highlights:

The Tiramisu is a standout here: light but generous layers of marscapone cheese fill between Italian ladyfingers soaked in Kahlua and Lavazza coffee mix. Boozy and texturally well-balanced, this was soooo good that I had close to two glasses! 😍

The Beef Stew with Mashed Potato and Chips is undoubtedly one of my top tier dishes here; tender and savoury chunks of beef soaked in what tastes like an alcohol-infused brown gravy, with a side of smooth, delicious mashed potato. Trust me - the chips work for some reason. πŸ˜‰

Part of the Asian Delight selection, the Thai Red Curry with Blue Rice and Steamed Fish is also pretty darn good and not too spicy for my liking, while the fish is fresh and yummy!

Other dishes include Beef Bolognese, Italian Chicken with Pasta, Blackened Fish with Quinoa, Chicken Rice Bowl and Salmon, just to name a few!

Now that you've made it this far into the review, it's GIVEAWAY TIME! One of my followers stands to win a meal for two at @my_nonnas - all you gotta do is:

1. Like this post
2. Follow @my_nonnas and @thefussyfoodie_
3. Tell me which dish you'd be most keen to try here and tag a friend you'd like to bring with you!
4. BONUS ENTRY if you leave a Google review about your experience here

One comment equals one entry; multiple entries allowed! Winner is chosen at random. Giveaway only open to Singaporeans or folks residing in Singapore; head over to @yanfoodography and @yongkaiiii's page to increase your chances of winning!

Shoutout to @laurstasia @yanfoodography and the folks at @my_nonnas for hosting the tasting! πŸ™πŸ»

Considering that there aren't many dessert pie-focused stores in Singapore, it's great to see that they have been around for years (though I miss their spacious Jalan Besar outlet with the fun cabin-like interior and decor), presenting us with a sweet, homely alternative to cakes and ice-cream. Flavours have definitely changed up over the years (or maybe I've just been MIA from their stuff for way too long) with classics having been retained after all these years!

The Maple Latte Pie ($7.50) was something new to me, and having just come back from the stereotypically presumed land of maple syrup not too long ago, I was definitely drawn to this quite instantly. The creme is more of a coffee base with distinguishable traces of maple, and nuts, for a balanced bittersweet flavour and the cake (?) layer is pretty interesting and unique to the dessert. The cookie bits are added upon order just to make the pie a little prettier than already is. πŸ₯°

One thing that has caught my attention though is the drastic decrease in their base thickness; it's pretty thin to the point where - especially with this one - I feel like there's no pie base at all. I did experience this the last time I was at their Upper Thomson branch, but simply don't recall it being like this couple of years back. The base of a pie is surely essential to the foundation, and overall texture and taste of it so that aspect did disappoint a little. 😧 That said, flavours are still pretty spot on and overall, it's still a place I'd go to when I'm craving for a dessert that simply stands out from the conventional without feeling like an Instagram gimmick. 😌

Pro-tip: don't forget to redeem one-for-one deals here with @burpple Beyond should you have membership! πŸ˜‰

My personal highlight has to be the Matcha Tiramisu ($10.30) which has just the right balance of matcha powder, cake and cream for a delectable bittersweet taste! Gotta love that kuromitsu sauce which adds an extra layer of sweetness to the dessert without drowning the matcha elements away. πŸ₯°

The Matcha Chocolate Cake ($6.50) is really rich with a dense, fudgey texture which might encourage sharing if you're afraid it will get 'jelat'. Chocolate is definitely the stronger component here but that's not to say the matcha falls under the radar; in fact the slight bitterness of it did leave me pleasantly surprised! πŸ˜‹

For drinks, I had the Matcha Kuromitsu Latte ($8) which I really enjoyed! I personally believe that you can never go wrong with a matcha and kuromitsu pairing, and I'd have to say this pairing comes second to white chocolate and matcha for myself (a casual suggestion right there, maybe?) but this definitely satisfies, especially the cold option which contrasts perfectly against our sunny weather! 😁

Whether you're a raging matchaholic or just want to satisfy some Japanese dessert or tea cravings, Nana's Green Tea is a surefire place to do that job!

Shoutout to @foodie_quest and @nanasgreenteasingapore for the tasting invite! πŸ™πŸ»β€οΈ

The sauce, which I used to mistake as a salted egg sauce because of how closely it resemblesnin terms if appearance and taste, is mildly spiced and savoury - soooo delicious! Standards haven't seemed to drop since I first had it several years back, which is such a relief considering how many outlets they have opened across the island and how long they've been around! Always a budget but quality dish that's set to satisfy my fussy palate! πŸ˜‹

Who says you can't love food if you're so damn picky? Ig: thefussyfoodie_

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