Korean Food🥘

Korean Food🥘

SEOULful food anddd its my favourite cuisine!!🩵
Joslyn 🩵
Joslyn 🩵

Went to Daebak Korean Restaurant about 3 weeks ago and ordered their Gochujang Pork ($11.90), Kimchi Pork Soup ($11.90) and Chive Pancake ($11.90)!😇 Overall ratings 7/10! Felt that the food was quite authentic but gochujang pork was sweet when I expected it to be abit towards the spicy side😅 Food was okay and staff were welcoming tho!

Went to OBBA Jjajang 2 weeks ago and ordered their Kimchi Stew, Steamed Egg, and Jjajangmyeon (~$40 for 2 pax)!😇 Overall ratings 10/10! Loved their food as always and the kimchi stew is so flavourful😍 Would definitely head back again

Went to Hankang Pocha and ordered their Classic Army Stew, Stir Fried Rice Cake, Hot Plate Beef, and their Seafood Pancake! Total bill was $80.80 for 5 pax😇

Overall ratings 8.5/10! Food was good and affordable😄 Would highly recommend their Hot Plate Beef and their Army Stew💯 Would visit again to try other menu items👍🏻

Went to Pizzamaru last week and ordered a Daeyang Pasta and a Rose Shrimp Pasta (About ~$36/2 pax)😇 Overall ratings 7/10! Both pastas were good but might get a little gelat after awhile😅

Went to Obba Jjajang Express 2 weeks ago and ordered their Jjajangmyeon ($6.80) and Fried Dumplings ($3.50)😇 Overall ratings 8/10! Food was good, but portions were smaller as compared to the Woodlands Express outlet😄

Went to Wang Dae Bak 2 weeks ago and ordered multiple dishes such as the Traffle jjajang Ramen ($13), Cold Noodle Soup with Beef ($16), Ginseng Chicken Soup Set ($17), Beef Bone Soup ($17), Steamed Pork Belly Set ($21), Tteok-Galbi Set ($17), Kimchi Pancake ($16), Fried Boneless Chicken with Truffle Fries ($15)!😇 Very filling for 8 pax

Overall ratings 8/10!😄 Really liked the Steamed Pork Belly, Tteok-Galbi and the Kimchi Pancake😍 Other food items were decent and portion sizes were also huge (especially the pancake can be shared by 4-5 people omg) so its good for sharing! Would head back again😇

Went to Obba Jjajang Express a few days ago and ordered their Frai Jjajangmyeob (8.50)!😇 Overall ratings 9/10 only because it wasnt hot when it came out, and the place was a little inconvenient. But it was soooo good and very filling😍 Taste wise is the same as the original outlet and would definitely head back again for other menu items!

Went to Daehwa a few weeks back and tried their ttukbaegi bulgogi stew, kimchi stew, kimbap, and kimchi jeon!😇 Really interesting concept of vegetarian-korean food and price was pretty affordable too (about $15/pax)😄

Overall ratings 7/10! I did like the food but maybe i'm not very used to eating korean food without meat? Felt like it would be tastier without the meat but this is a good try and its relatively healthy too🤣

Went to Hoodadak a few days ago and ordered their seafood jjampong ($17)!😇 Overall ratings 6/10! The soup was good but there's quite a lot of vegetables, overpowering the dish a little😅 They had free sides as well and portions are huge)! Would probably visit again and try other menu items instead😅

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Went to Seorae KBBQ yesterday and ordered their Pork and Beef Set with added Soft Tofu Stew and Seafood Pancake, Steamed Egg, a few drinks, and added on a Bulgogi and Beef Skirt afterwards!😇 Total bill came out to be $213 for 5 pax.

Overall ratings 4/10! Honestly thought that food was pretty mid though it is quite expensive and there was a long queue, but this is just personal preference😅 Maybe other menu items are better...

Went to Hungry Korean Restaurant (located in Great World City Food Court) and ordered the Kimchi Stew with Pork Belly ($12.90)!😇 Was presented nicely with sides, a cup of barley tea and one piece of mochi as a dessert😁

Overall ratings 10/10!😍💯 Really loved the stew and it my favourite kind of comfort food! Warms my soul HAHAH so definitely will head back🤪

Went to Friends Tasty Korea last month and had the free flow KBBQ ($19.90/pax) and also the LA Galbi Regular ($23)!😇 Food was pretty decent and the LA Galbi is really good🤤 Overall ratings 7/10 value for money but nothing too fancy😅

Using Burpple as my food diary🤣

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