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Wei Zhi Chiang
Wei Zhi Chiang

Sushi Express’ 11th takeaway outlet is opening at AMK Hub this Friday! It will offer their widest menu to date, with more than 67 types of affordable sushi, sashimi, maki and donburi. Featured here are their Party Platter C ($22), Sushi & Gunkan Bento ($6.50) and Mackarel Don ($7).

Get your sushi fix and enjoy 20% off selected items from their opening day till Sunday, 23rd July!

📣 200 FREE KAISENDON SETS for giveaway today and Monday at one-north!

Here at Teppei Syokudo’s Galaxis outlet, you’ll find a whole new revamped menu featuring 6 different sets that were all put together with improved recipes and better ingredients - from the sauce, to sashimi, udon and even down to the rice.

We had their Teppei Premium Set, which comes with the don and sides of chawanmushi, salad and a hot bowl of smooth qq udon (this I really liked)! The don’s new dressing has a distinct roasty sesame flavour. Fret not if you’re a fan of their original marinate like me, as they will still offer it as an option for diners.
No T&Cs for the upcoming giveaway, just note that it’s for the first 100 pax for lunch between 12-2pm and the next 100 pax for dinner at 6-8pm for both days. Set doesn’t include udon. Only at Galaxis!

The previous Sushi Express at 313 Somerset has now rebranded and is ready to serve! This is their 2nd Sushi Plus outlet. Apart from the dishes on the conveyor belt, there’s mobile ordering where you’ll see all the special items you can get.

From 21 April till 23 April:⠀
1. $0.50 off all plates on belt
2. Spend $35 and above to get 100% cashback vouchers
3. $9.90 (up $13.80) for Grilled Garlic Giant River Shrimp

Tried So Ramen’s Flaming Lobster Seafood Poached Rice and it was better than we expected - base was a seafood tonkotsu broth, topped with a couple types of seafood, crisped puff rice, and half a lobster with mentaiko and cheese that’s torched. Appreciated how the soup was kept hot throughout in the stone pot. Available till end of March, with limited bowls daily.

This is like an upgrade of Chirashizushi Shou’s usual Chirashi Don, with an addition of 3 plump oysters on the side. The oysters were fresh, but unfortunately weren’t as rich in its flavour - hence it got a little bland half way through. Was a pity too that the rice beneath became a tiny mushy. The sashimi cubes were tasty as usual though, with a mix of salmon, tuna and baby scallops. Would recommend the usual Chirashi Don instead for more value!

This seemed like the most value for money lunch bowl on the menu, with 2 prawns, kisu fish, chicken fillet, maitake mushroom, eggplant, butternut pumpkin, french bean and en egg on a bed of rice. Their lunch sets, which run from 11am to 3pm daily, come paired with a bowl of miso soup and an appetiser of the day as well.

Similarly, we thought the tempura batter was less seasoned than we’d like, but it was done nicely crisp and light. Worth trying!

Tempura Makino in Suntec City sits next to Din Tai Feng, and has a pretty big dining area - both of the normal seats and bar counter where you can observe the chef at work. We were there for lunch which is when their lunch menu is available, from 11am to 3pm daily. All lunch sets come with a bowl of miso soup, rice, and an appetiser of the day.

Wanted to get one of the tendons initially, but the top up to swap rice for inaniwa udon / soba is only available for the non-tendons. This Prawn & Vegetable Set came with 3 prawns, eggplant, mitake mushroom, butternut pumpkin, french bean and lotus root. Wasn’t a fan of the lotus, but the rest were fried very nicely. The batter was light and crisp without being greasy, though I would prefer it to be better seasoned as well. Udon was a tad bit softer than I’d like.

The okra appetiser was so surprisingly good, I would buy it home if it was available 😂

Tried out Hanare’s refreshed menu for their Dinner Set for 2! We started off with this platter of seasonal sashimi of 3 kinds. They were sliced to the perfect thickness and were superbly fresh.

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If you’re in town for dinner now, check out Uya - they are running a 10-60% off promo for their unagi sets just for today (23 July 2022), all determined by your luck by throwing their dice 🤪 Saw so many people throw a 6, which got them them the max 60% off!

Their Signature Hitsumabushi comes in medium / large size, both paired with pickles, condiments, dashi broth and soup for you to enjoy in different ways. I liked how they do their sauce less sweet so it doesn’t mask the unagi, but would have also preferred a stronger char. You will be a fan of this if you like your unagi grilled to a more light crisp with a subtle smokiness.

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Menya Kokoro now has their noodles freshly made in-house using 100% whole grain wheat flour imported from Japan. The result is these thick noodles with a super distinct chew.
They’ve launched seasonal Tsukesoba bowls of 3 flavours available till end July: Original, Spicy and Mentai. Like tsukemen, the chilled noodles are served separately from a bowl of hot dipping sauce. The original broth is a savoury mix of a thick tonkotsu broth base, mackerel fish powder and spring onions, while the spicy version has additional homemade spicy oil that leaves a slight numbing mouthfeel.

Loved the texture of the noodles but they’re filling and heavy in flavour, so share with a friend to switch it up!

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Didn’t get to try this because I don’t take beef, but this is one of their four available sandos on the menu. It has slices of braised wagyu beef, chives, red onions, cabbage, and an onsen egg served on toasted brioche.

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I forgot how filling a meal at Keisuke Grill can get 😂 Between the two mackerels, the dried atka mackerel is a lot more bony, but also way more flavourful. The set comes with rice, an onsen egg and miso soup, on top of the complimentary free flow salad bar.

Sides that I always go back for more at the salad bar are their hijiki salad with edamame and the potato salad. I probably can leave full just by having these 2 things!

All is good with a cup of hot matcha latte 🍵✨ IG @cweizhi

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