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Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats

Featuring Lady M (Marina Square), Mu Parlour, Craft Bistro, Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry, Merely Ice Cream (Sunshine Plaza), Drips Bakery Cafe (Tiong Bahru), Table Manners (Changi City Point), Tai-Parfait (Bugis Junction), Bonheur Patisserie (PasarBella @The Grandstand), Paris Baguette (Jem)
Daniel Hum
Daniel Hum
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Checking out Creamier's newest outpost at Yong Siak, currently in soft launch stage — the new space is Creamier's third outlet (counting out Sunday Folks); the store being just slightly larger than Creamier at Toa Payoh.

The Black Glutinous Rice ice-cream is all what it was supposed to be; it carries similar flavours to Pulut Hitam without being overly sweet and carrying bits of black glutinous rice to provide the familiar bite that Pulut Hitam has.

Cold Bree is being brewed using beans roasted by Papa Pahelta — the cuppa had a strong body that carries a fruity flavour profile. Loved how it comes with a frozen cube of coffee for the ice — a nice detail in order to keep the coffee chilled without diluting it; reminds me a little of what is being served at The Tiny Roaster as well.

A delightful ball of taro ice cream, and it's delightfully cheap as well at just $2.80! Try their Black Sesame as well, it's pretty interesting.

Popped over here after having Thai food next door, wasn't expecting much but turned out great! I contemplated trying the Chendol or Earl Grey Lavender flavors, but decided for the simpler Hazelnut. A good ice cream option in Toa Payoh with ample seating, give it a shot!

[Supermilk] My colleague and myself are on the constant hunt for good deals around our workplace and our latest find is at Supermilk whereby we got a scoop of ice cream (super shiok especially when the weather goes mad) for just $3 (normal price $3.90) after checking in on Facebook when in the cafe.

Two of them got the Green Tea, one got the Smores while I chose the safe choice of Chocolate. Nothing out-of-the-world, just a scoop of artisanal ice cream that's affordable priced, tastes decent and conveniently location.

Address: The Commerze at Irving, Unit 01-29, 1 Irving Place, Singapore 369546
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Read about this stall for quite some time and was father intrigued by the Chinese desserts that they sell. They might not have Yam Paste which I am on the hunt for, but the Almond Paste here is really good; smooth and thick paste that was not too starchy, hence not too filling with an intense aroma of almonds in the paste. Really leaves you wanting for more; would try the Sesame Paste if I am here some other day.

Simple and beautifully executed. Skimming that slab of melting butter into the crepe, drizzling fresh lemon juice from that fresh wedge of lemon.

The small sugar granules gave the crepe some crunch. Crepe was thin and doughy which it should be. Must try. Next up, Yuzu Butter Crepe.

It's gorgeous, and it instantly puts a smile on one's face. More than Instagram-worthy, it's pretty darn good too.

The thick, almost brioche-like hotcake is dense, albeit dry, rescued by maple, and a generous handful of fresh berries that lend a touch of sweetness and acidity—strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry... peppered with pine nuts (yay!), littered with edible flowers and drizzled with maple syrup.

We especially love the warm, crisp edges of the pancake; beautiful in texture and taste. A scoop of ricotta cream cheese tops the hotcake, smeared across like icing on a cake. Are you drooling already?

that beerbutter ice cream perfectly compliments the dripping salted egg yolk.
as I sit here doing a foot massage, can't help but crave for this once more