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From the Burpple community

For cheap beer & daily offers. Our new Chinese friend suggested this place so we went together & ordered massive portions of pork wtf. The giant piece of pork schnitzel costed only 17zty. (It's discounted on Monday.) Even though it is on offer, it tasted good. I liked it better than the pork knuckle (which our new friend recommended). The pork knuckle was too salty & dry. Anyway, it is charged by mass. Every 100g costs 4.90zty. The waitress suggested we get 1.2kg for 4 but the bill came out to be 1.3kg. Not so I giam like but this is dishonesty so we didn't tip. & Honestly, 1.2kg is way too much for 4. So order less if you go. Beer was good though. At 3zty, it's only about 1.1sgd for 0.4l. (1l is 7.5zty.) Many people just came for the beer.