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From the Burpple community

The pizza toast, a new addition to the existing menu, might be more pricey but it was certainly worth it! ✨ Encased within two slices of grilled and well-buttered toast lies a thick layer of melted, gooey cheese, pickles, fried egg and pastrami topped with tomato ketchup sauce. The overall combination was one that was flavourful, cheesy and satisfying, with the soft, pillowy toast surrounded by crisp and well toasted edges. The pickles added a tangy note and a pleasant crunch factor which I adore. My kind of breakfast indeed. Oh wait I can actually have it for lunch and dinner as well 😂. Serving might seem small but it was actually quite filling, given the generous portion of ingredients and heavy elements. Highly recommended to try at least once when you are in Korea 👍🏻
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