Top Restaurants For A Romantic Date Night

Date nights need not be stressful if you know exactly where to go. Table for two please!

Whether it's for a first date or to celebrate an anniversary, finding the perfect restaurant can prove to be challenging but fret not because we've come up with a list of some romantic places you can take your date to. We're sure your special someone won't be opposed to these venues!


For Contemporary Catalan Cuisine 
Esquina's buzzing, vibrant atmosphere and contemporary Catalan cuisine will make you feel like you're dining in the heart of Spain. Their kitchen is helmed Barcelona-born Head Chef Carlos Montobbio whose curiosity for new flavours and culinary techniques paves the way for exciting offerings on the menu. Each and every dish including the Sea Urchin Paella ($48) is crafted with quality produce, as exemplified by the lobster rice, Toyosu bafun uni, and safron allioli, all of which are important components of this particular paella.

Positano Risto

For Halal Italian Food
Born out of a pure love for authentic Italian food, Positano Risto's Muslim owners hope to redefine the halal Italian dining experience whilst serving delicious dishes at affordable prices. A popular pick is the Squid Ink Seafood Spaghetti ($24.95) that's tossed in their homemade squid ink sauce and chilli, and is topped with an assortment of seafood including prawns, scallop, mussels, and squid. You can even choose to adjust the spice level according to your personal preference!

Nox - Dine In The Dark

For A Unique Dining Experience 
Go on a culinary adventure and activate your five senses with Nox! Their dine-in-the-dark experience is certainly one you can't find anywhere else. If your date is adventurous and fancies something a little unconventional, plunging them in total darkness while you dine might just do the trick. As you'd expect, their Prix Fixe Dinner ($88++ per pax) is a mystery but rest assured you're in good hands as the set menu which comprises of 12 unique dishes spanning 3 courses is specially crafted by the head chef and his team! Vegetarian alternatives are also available upon request.

Ristorante Pietrasanta

For Traditional Tuscan Dishes 
Deeply enthralled by the charm of Pietrasanta (a town on the coast of northern Tuscanny in Italy), founders Giuseppe, Loris Massimini and Niccolò Bertolini, decided to establish Ristorante Pietrasanta, in the hopes of bringing classic Tuscan dishes to Singapore. The restaurant serves a wide range of fresh pasta made from scratch—these include the  Linguine Con Vongole E Bottarga Di Muggine ($28.90), Gnocchi Al Granchio ($26.90), and Risotto Al Funghi ($26.90), just to name a few. If you're after some pizzas that'll be great for sharing, opt for either the Diavola ($23.90), the Tartufo Nero ($26.90), or the Verdure ($23.90). 

Birds Of A Feather

For Inspired Flavours From Chengdu 
Flock over to Amoy street to dine at Birds Of A Feather and you'll get dishes which pay tribute to the Chengdu provenance in China. Housed within two conservation shophouses, the restaurant serves Western cuisine with a Sichuan twist—we're talking dishes like the Strange Flavour Prawn ($42) which comes with grilled tiger prawn, sichuan sauce, green payaya and peanut, and the Oriental Bologaise Cappellini Pasta ($26) that consists of an oriental pork ragout, sakura ebi, onsen egg, and a hint of spiciness. Another dish worth mentioning is the Cold Black ($25) that's essentially fern root noodles topped with marinated tuna, avocado marble, and ikura, served in the soba-style with a spicy dipping sauce on the side.


For A Modern Interpretation of Japanese Cuisine 
Featuring innovative and original creations, Koma promises a multi-sensory Japanese dining experience with the bold and distinctive approach they've taken to their menu. To enter their restaurant, guests will have to walk through a striking 20m passageway lined with orange arches—this is reminiscent of the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto. Once inside, you'll find yourselves greeted by an intimate lounge with a gigantic Japanese 'bell' presiding over a traditional foot bridge.

But of course, their creative Japanese fare and beverages would have to match up to the extravagant interior. For a tipple, try their signature Koma Canary ($24) cocktail that comes with Tanqueray Flor De Sevilla gin, lemon juice, and Sa ron syrup, and don't forget to pair this with their Salmon Pillow ($18) that's accompanied by roasted jalepeno and smoked avocado.