Top Mochi Desserts in Singapore

Check out these irresistible Mochi Desserts in Singapore!

In Singapore, mochi desserts are a popular and tasty part of the local food scene. These treats, known for their chewy texture, come in various flavours and styles. From classic Japanese mochi with sweet red bean filling to creative local variations featuring tropical fruits, there's a wide range to explore. Whether you're at a traditional dessert spot or a trendy cafe, Singapore's mochi desserts offer a delicious blend of cultural influences!

Ri Ri Cha

For Nian Gao Waffles

Photo by Ri Ri Cha 日日茶

Step into the delightful world of Ri Ri Cha 日日茶 (distinct from Ri Ri Hong 日日红) located on Sago Street, where the spotlight is on tea-flavored ice cream. Choose from a selection of 18 tempting flavours such as indulging in unique offerings like the Nian Gao Waffles with Honey Chamomile ($5.50) or the Butterfly Pea × Tangerine Peel Pu'er ($5.50), featuring chewy and delicious mochi-textured waffles. Ri Ri Cha promises a refreshing and flavourful ice cream experience with a delightful twist!

Mister Donut

For Mochi Donuts 

Photo by Burppler K T

Discover the delectable world of Mister Donut with their Assorted Donuts ($23) for a box of 10. Excitingly, Mister Donut has recently opened a new outlet at Velocity @ Novena Square, bringing their famed glazed mochi doughnuts closer to dessert enthusiasts. Renowned for their signature “Pon De Ring” mochi doughnuts, Mister Donut's creations are soft, chewy, and available in an array of flavours, including strawberry, chocolate, and the original Pon De Plain!

Vanda Botanical Desserts

For Mochi Gelato

Photo by Vanda Botanical Desserts

Discover Vanda Botanical Desserts, situated in Somerset 313. The oolong flavour ($3.90) is a highlight, striking a perfect balance of strength and lightness that enhances every subsequent bite. While the mochi, showcases a delightful stretchiness, some might desire a thicker and chewier texture. Nevertheless, the overall experience is elevated by the exceptional taste, as the gelato and stretchy mochi come together to create a treat that truly delights the palate!

Onné Cafe

For Warabi Mochi

Photo by Onné Cafe

Onné Cafe, a recent addition to the Kampong Bahru scene, caught our attention, especially for its Warabi Mochi ($8). Unlike other variations, the version here boasts a softer and jelly-like consistency, deviating from the typically firmer and chewier textures found elsewhere. Enhanced with a dusting of kinako and accompanied by a side of kuromitsu, this dessert at Onné Cafe delivers a unique and delightful bite, offering a refreshing twist to the traditional Warabi Mochi experience.


For Mochi Bread

Photo by MuYoo

Indulge in the innovative Black Sesame Mochi Bun ($2.80) at MuYoo Bakery in Jurong Point! The soft and airy bun is generously filled with moist and non-grainy black sesame, striking the perfect sweetness balance. The soft and chewy mochi provides a delightful textural contrast, sure to leave you thoroughly satisfied with MuYoo Bakery's unique creation!

Swish Rolls 

For Mochi Crossiant Egg Tarts

Photo by Burppler Xing Wei Chua

Swish Rolls introduces a twist to the classic egg tart with their Mochi Croissant Egg Tart ($2.50). This unique creation features a layer of mochi between the croissant and the egg filling, creating a harmonious blend of textures. The croissant base, not overly greasy and lightly flaky, carries a subtle buttery fragrance without the mess. The chewy mochi layer, pleasantly toothsome, and doesn't stick easily!